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Well, I’ve been trying to keep myself overly busy this weekend. Friday I got home from work late, met up with this guy who’s going to buy my old laptop. Hopefully. He’s going to let me know by Monday. After that I was supposed to go to a movie with Carlito, but his sisters or something were to tired, so we cancelled that. I ended up just hanging out here for the night and doing random stuff.

Saturday I got up a little late and went up to The Arboretum of LA County. Walked around there for a few hours. It was pretty, but I think it could have been a little better. I’m sure it’s really nice in the spring. It was fucking hot though.

Got home from that and showered and then went up to Santa Monica and hung out with this guy Chris… It was really wierd, cause we were riding the elevator down… And he magically somehow got a job contact out of that.. It was so random! Anyways, we walked around 3rd Street. I was affraid we’d run into Jay there. Thankfully we didn’t. And when we walked by the bar that he likes going to, I didn’t look. lol. Chris bought like a million dollars worth of stuff at this random natural soap place called Lush. I think I found mom’s christmas present there.

We walked around for a bit more and went shopping in some other stores. After that we went back to his area and we were going to go see Pirates again. I was supposed to go with Carlito again, but they went at 7, and it was 6:30 when I found that out. Not enough time to get back to Redondo from Santa Monica. So Chris and I went to his area, but we just missed the 7pm showing there and then next one was sold out. So we broke and I came home. Hung out here for the night.

Was planning on getting up early, but I overslept, so my plans got cancelled. I was going to go up to Azusa to do a bike ride, maybe next weekend! So instead I’ve spent the morning at the beach hanging out. Now I’m going to go hit the shower and then I’m off to 3rd Street in Santa Monica AGAIN! This time to meet up with this guy Tommy.

Everyone I know is buying new cars.. I really want to go get one! I was told the other day that I’d be happier if I spent more money… It’s probably true. But I feel that I have to save for my life… I don’t want t be old and broke!

Adios y’all!

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I work in a home so I can tell you this kind of information and know it to be true. One does not get to take all of their cool stuff with them to a home. In fact, one gets half a closet of clothes, a tv, and some random crap. Spend your money while you are young because you sure as hell can’t enjoy it when you are old!

It’s not really that I want to buy _things_ when I’m older. It’s that I want to buy experiences when I’m older…

I dunno. I also don’t want to end up in a crappy home! I wanna have money to get into a good one! ahhaa.

A.) That was fucking sweet ass how i got that contact in the elvator. Im fucking cool like that.

B.) I only spent like $32 in Lush and only $90 for the entire day, food included.

C.) You better call to hang out soon faggot ir ill stab your face with a diabetes needle.

Ummm… Well. I’m not in Santa Monica area for the week… So if you wanna come to Newport we can hang! :-p

Other then that I have friday free, and am busy the rest of the weekend. Unless you wanna do random touristy stuff with Andrew and I!

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