Drivers from HELL Day!

Ok, today must be drive like an idiot day or something! I left for work about an hour later then normal and it started off just a few blocks from my house. Some stupid bitch was blabing on her cell phone instead of going through the green light. Holding up all of the traffic.

Then a couple blocks later some other idiot on a cell phone swerving all over. Then after that another person txting on her cell phone going 20mph under the speed limit. Then I was stopped at a stop light and some woman putting on makeup nearly rear-ends me.

This is all just GETTING to work!

On the way home was much worse.. First there’s construction on Campus just down the street from my office. Some duchebag on his cell phone nearly merges into me because he didn’t look. Then some other idiot tried to turn onto a street that is CLEARLY closed off, causing more issues…..

But the worst one of all was once I got on the freeway, I was cruising along in the fast lane.. Ahead there is traffic, clearly lots of break lights. This woman in a Prius on my right tries making the car pool lane before hitting the traffic, serves violently behind me, nearly rear ending me, gets into the car pool lane but by now has lost control of her car, swerves back and forth pretty hard in the car pool lane all while braking and tires squealing! Then as soon as she gets control again she speeds off into the distance.

Idiots I tell you! PAY ATTENTION!

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