What another great weekend with Constantine!

Friday night he came over after work and we went out to the Chicago Rib Company down the street. Very yummy food! 😀 After that we came back to my place and we watched a movie and drank some wine.

Saturday we got up and I made breakfast from the leftovers from the Rib place and then went up to Santa Monica to drop my car off at the mechanic for the girl. The guys working there were crazy. Went new car shopping at the Santa Monica Honda dealer and test drove an Accord.

Headed off to see Wicked after that. It was AMAZING! We were 8 rows back from the stage, right in the center! Best seats I’ve ever been in!!! The play was GREAT too. I highly suggest you go and see it. We headed back to Santa MOnica after that and ate at Panera Bread. Then back to my place where we hung out the rest of the night.

Sunday Constantine left to go rock climbing with friends and I stayed home and did some work. I took a nap from noon-6. Watched some TV and then went to bed at 10. I’ve been SOO tired lately!

My fingers hurt today and I can’t really type very well. Ugh.

Found lots of neat stuff on the internet this weekend:

Do you know what GoatSe is? If not.. Click here (NSFW!!!). Anyways, this is a really cool thing of people’s reactions of seeing GoatSe for the first time.

See the moon turn RED!

20 Fresh and free icon sets!

George Carlin’s New Rules for 2007. Very funny!

Turn your handwriting into a font!

Find autos near by!

7 thoughts on “Wicked!!!”

  1. Duuuuuudde! GoatSe?! I think I just saw the red moon a few seconds ago. I really didn’t know what it was till I clicked on the link. Totally sick man!

  2. Lol. Have you not seen goatse before???!?!

    It used to be all the rage back in the good days of Slashdot.org and what not… haha.

  3. We loved “Wicked” when we finally saw it — after waiting two hours in the cancellation line. Definitely worth it.

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