Road Rage Friday!

Wow, there’s a lot of road rage out there today!

I get in my car at 5:45am this morning. I’m running a bit late (I’ll explain later!)… Radio comes on.. “5 car pile up on the 405S at Western backup starts at the 105”. Oh great! Thank GOD I get on the 405 JUST PAST western, so I should be fine.

I get on the free way and I’m driving along, about 75-80mph in the far left lane. Come up on a BMW going 65… I slow down and stay behind him for a while. (At this point, I’m no where CLOSE to tailgating either!) Suddenly he SLAMS on his brakes. Apparently I’m too close to him. So I start tailgating. That doesn’t last long and he gets the hell out of the way. Before I can even get past him. He’s got his window down and he’s screaming at home and flipping me off. Excuse me? I didn’t even DO anything to start this. You’re the jackass going 65 in the left lane when theres basically NO ONE around! So I flip him off and speed off. Back to my 75mph. 🙂

He pulls up next to me again and starts signaling for me to pull off to the shoulder! WHAT? I THINK NOT! I flip him off and just pay attention to what’s next to me. He’s still following along right beside me. I crank it up to about 85 cause I wanna get away from this crazy! I lose him for a minute and then he’s right next to me again. This time making a gun motion with his hand as if he were shooting me!!!! OH MY God this guy is crazy! And then he starts motioning for me to pull off again.. At this point. I pull out the cell phone and make it VERY obvious I am calling the cops. He backs off… I put in a report about him.

So I’m cruising along again and come upon ANOTHER jackass going 65 in the left lane. This time, I just go around him on the right and then merge back over… He speeds up, starts tailgating ME and turns on his bright lights!!!! Seriously!?! I didn’t do SHIT! I went around the mother fucker!

Lose him for a little while, then ANOTHER guy going 65 in the left lane! (Ok, WHAT’S UP WITH THESE PEOPLE TODAY! When I go to work, I’m usually in the second to left lane going 80ish and _I’M_ the one being passed!). This guy just WILL NOT MOVE. He’s got the guy right behind him flashing his brights at him and he’s got people FLYING buy on both sides. People are even going INTO the carpool lane just to get around him! UGH!

What is it with people. Learn how to drive!

So I was running late today because the last two days have been 12 hour days for me. Today I’m gonna work 6 hours and then go home. I have SO much to do! I should be doing stuff right now, but I’m working against a dev machine that was left in Debug mode with a stop point. The machine is LOCKed so I can’t go tell it to step over the stop point!… IN English, I can’t do anything!

I can’t wait for this weekend. I’m excited to see Constantine and also for Wicked! Yay!

Also the girl who came and looked at my car wants to take it to the mechanic tomorrow! So perhaps by Monday I will have new car! Fingers crossed! 😀


4 thoughts on “Road Rage Friday!”

  1. Umm, excuse me, what is the speed limit? Is it 65? If it is, you have no right to complain, they are following the law, you are not. You have no rights to drive pass the speed limit. Too many times I have seen those who think the speed limit does not apply to them lose control and wind up involving other cars in an accident, sometimes even killing other people, all because they think they have the right to speed. You may have the right to put yourself in danger, but hell, you have NO RIGHT to put others in danger because of your obvious lack of regard for the law.

  2. With all due respect, does geographical location excuse you from following the law? The fact that “everybody does it” trumps responsibility and safety? The point is nobody has the right to ignore the rules of the road for any reason. These rules are there for safety reasons. I may not live in LA, but, I do live in Seattle, Washington which has awful traffic too. You will not believe how people tailgate here, and then wonder why they slam into someone’s rear if the person has to stop suddenly. I am not trying to put you down or start anything. I just hope you drive safely and realize that your life isn’t worth it, nor is any one else’s.

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