My Clean Floors

Well, my life hasn’t been all that interesting…

Friday I went out to WeHo with Constantine, Jason and Steve. We had an entertaining time. Came home early.

Saturday I got up and cleaned my floors. Like Rugdoctor and all. They feel nice under my feet now. It was really gross while I was doing it. Just inside my front door I have a beige colored carpet. Well, you could see like a night and day difference between where I had cleaned and where I hadn’t. Gross! Also did my car, which was like mud because I haven’t ever shampooed it in the 7 years I’ve had it. It’s very nice and pretty now.

After that I put a for sale sign up in my car. So if anyone wants to buy a 2000 Saturn with 127k miles on it, give me a call!

That night I just lounged around the house.

Sunday I got up and got my oil changed and did some other random stuff. Then met up with a client at Panera Bread in Santa Monica. I love that place!

My sandal broke while we were there!! 🙁 Went home after that and spent the rest of the evening in bed because I had a splitting headache.

Monday I had to work from home because the plumber was coming “sometime between 8 and 5”. Seriously! That’s what he said. Any guesses as to when he got there? Oh, that’s right 4:30! Asswipe. Anyways, my toilet was leaking like crazy on Saturday, and he couldn’t get there till Monday. So I turned off the water and just left it all weekend. Well of course when he got there it wouldn’t leak for him! 🙁

He did bring his grandson though who was FUCKING HOT! Oh my god. In other news, my toilet is falling through the floor. So they are saying they may have to tear the whole floor in the bathroom out!! I just hope he brings back the hottie!

Been chatting with Constantine every night while he’s on his trip. Making me so jealous that I couldn’t go! 🙁 They were in Montana last night. It’s nice because he tells me about his day, the way that I like to hear about it. Very detailed. 🙂 haha. I remember when Andrew and I were dating it took forever to get him to tell me about his day!

Speaking of Andrew, his last few days in cali are upon us, and it’s been really bugging the shit out of me that he just threw away all the time we had together. I’m just re-hashing shit that’s already been said. But I just still can’t believe he would toss out our friendship like that. Ugh. It’s also been bugging me that Jason has been hanging out with Ben again. What’s wrong with me that all these guys feel they can just toss me to the curb? God, what happened to the days of being so in love

I’m out.

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