Some good stuff…

Ok. I said I’d try and write about the good stuff that’s going on as well!

Well first off, I’ve been crazy busy with both my job and my contracts. I’ve got three currently active contracts and one of those is adding on an additional two contracts. So that’s excellent news. I love making money! 🙂 One of the contracts is very pretty and I’m glad to be working on it. I designed a really great background for it as well. Once the site has gone live, I will send out a link to it. I still have a lot of work to do with these two though. I’m hoping to get them done this upcoming week when I have tons of free time.

Plans for another camping trip are in the early stages. I am researching places to camp. After that we will begin looking for people to go. We’re shooting for the second weekend in Sept. This should be a good weekend because everyone will be tired/not camping from the Labor day weekend, right?

I cleaned my apartment last night and got the dishes from the camping trip done, what a mess those were. I opened up the kitchen and it just STUNK like mad! Mostly a smoky smell.

Wed night I went out with Constantine. We got dinner at Casa Arigato. Yum! Then we went and saw The Simpsons Movie. It was really funny. Mok and one of his friends joined us for that. Constantine spent the night and we had a good time talking and what not. He’s a great guy. 🙂

Thursday I worked 12 hours. Friday I am working 6 hours and then going biking, since I haven’t been out in weeks! Tonight I’m heading out to WeHo to hang out with Constantine before he leaves for a week.

Ok, time to go!!

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