Spending Money…

What’s wrong with me!

I just wanna spend spend spend spend.. And SPEND on big ticket items.

First I got this idea to buy apartments. Great investment right… I can’t, well I can, but I don’t wanna do it alone. So I ask my dad. He’s being SLOOOOOW. Can’t find a place.. So then….

I got this idea in my head to buy a truck! Ohhh, how much fun it’d be. I love the idea. I still do, I still REALLY want a truck. But, I have a new idea.

LAND! And lots of it!

I want LAND LAND LAND. Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Alaska!!! Oh my god, It’d be cool. Rent it out for vacations, hunting, grazing rights, etc. Make money. Have a place to go and relax.

Are either of these practical? No!

But you see. I have this money. And lots of it. Burning this GIANT hole in my pockets! I wanna spend it! But I want to spend it on something that’ll make me money!

I put $1,000 into Prosper today. Maybe if that works out I’ll put a lot more there!!

Money! Money! Money! I want more of it!

What’s wrong with me! ::whines::

I just want to invest right now, so that I don’t have to really worry about money once I hit 35ish. I gotta get married damnit, that’ll help! I could sure use the extra monthly money that would provide. Any takers?!

j/k. Of course I’m not gonna get married just for the money!

I also need to buy a property so that I can take the deductions. F’ing Government is taking $1,000 out of EVERY PAYCHECK now! That’s $2,000 a MONTH in taxes I have to f’ing pay!

(Damn, I’m complaining a lot, eh? I need to write you an entry about the good shit that’s going on in my life… !) Maybe tomorrow!

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