Tag: Hermosa Beach

  • A Slightly Annoyed Weekend

    So this weekend had a few road bumps, but overall it was pretty good. Friday, Const came over and we headed out to Sport Chalet and then Fry’s to get stuff for the trip. I still have to buy a portable alarm clock. After that I took him out to Hermosa Beach because a while […]

  • A week of movies

    Wow, it’s been a while! I’m slacking off. No, I’ve actually just been really busy/tired and watching tons of movies! Ok, so Tuesday night I spent at Nick’s house in Laguna Beach. OMG, I love it there! I wish I could come home to a house every day instead of a freaking apartment. So that […]

  • Happy Birthday JC!

    What a weekend! Friday after work I went out on a quick 32 mile ride with Nick. That was pretty fun and a great change of pace. It took us just under 2 hours. After that I drove home and crashed at my place for the evening. I was in bed by like 8:30 and […]

  • V-Day and random people

    Wow. I’ve sucked at updating the last week or so! Let see, So V-Day was great. Went out to The Shore in Hermosa Beach with Ben. We had a great dinner and hung out there in Hermosa and chilled. So that was really nice. Thursday I went into work late and came home late. So […]

  • Private MySpace Profiles!

    My god I had a busy weekend. And I’m in SO much pain again! Ugh. My body needs to get used to this shit. But first.. What is up with these damn Private MySpace profiles. I REALLY hate them. I HATE when someone messages me, or tries to add me as a friend and the […]