A Slightly Annoyed Weekend

So this weekend had a few road bumps, but overall it was pretty good.

Friday, Const came over and we headed out to Sport Chalet and then Fry’s to get stuff for the trip. I still have to buy a portable alarm clock. After that I took him out to Hermosa Beach because a while back he mentioned that we’d never been there. Anyways, we got there and started walking around and I was a little annoyed by how indecisive he was being. We ended up going to this Sushi place which really wasn’t all that great and cost way to much money for what we got. Went home after that and ended up just staying in and watching TV.

Saturday we got up and headed out to Target to get some more stuff and then came home and made Lamb for lunch and watched Touch of Pink. Which was a really good movie. I highly suggest seeing it.

Const left after that and I lounged around, finished planning Europe and did some other stuff. Erick came over a for a couple minutes and a cup of Apple Cider. I just sat alone all night after that.

Got up early the next morning and drove to Santa Monica for a bike ride. Went less then a mile and my chain kept slipping off. Very annoying. Got home and found out that Erick and Const had hung out Saturday night, which was a bit annoying to me. That’s just not something you do, hanging out with a friends boyfriend without even inviting the friend. Anyways…

I spent Sunday cleaning and packing. Const came over about 5 and we went and bought wine and cheese for the dinner party. Headed over to Jason’s about 7 and we had an excellent night, till the end when Jason brought up the whole Ben thing, which put me in a sour mood. Got home about 11 and tried going to bed, but I couldn’t hardly sleep all night. So I came into work late.

Yep, that’s about it. Adios!

A week of movies

Wow, it’s been a while! I’m slacking off. No, I’ve actually just been really busy/tired and watching tons of movies!

Ok, so Tuesday night I spent at Nick’s house in Laguna Beach. OMG, I love it there! I wish I could come home to a house every day instead of a freaking apartment. So that night I just crashed there and watchedPresque rien (Come Undone). I really didn’t get this movie much. But the sex scenes and the hot boys in speedo’s was a plus!

[private]Got up for work the next morning and came in. About noon this guy comes over to my desk and gets all bitchy cause I’m not in the training session that was canceled the day before. I’m sorry, but you’ve been here 2 years less then me and are 4 years younger then I am. He has no authority to be talking to me in the manner that he was. Honestly even if it were the CEO of the company talking to me in that manner I’d be pissed. I complained about this guy’s attitude a while back when we had a heated IM convo. And I’m not the only one who has problems with him. Everyone here is sick of him and the way he talks to customers on the phone is completely rude as well. So I’m working on documenting his shit to show to my boss. [/private]

I went home shortly after that and called into the meeting to listen in for the last two hours. Which was a complete waste of time. From there I headed up to The Bridge to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in iMAX with Constantine. The movie was really great. I enjoyed t.

Thursday I just crashed at home and didn’t do anything besides work. Friday I worked, came home and met up with Constantine again, we went to dinner at Ruby’s and a classic car show. After that we headed to Jason’s place and watched Jesus Camp. What a scary movie! I can’t believe these kids. They are totally brainwashed. But it’s also amazing at how old they sound. Scary stuff.

He spent the night and we got up Saturday and I had to drive to Burbank to meet up with this web designer. She designed porn sites and I had to help her integrate wordpress into one of them.

[private]I honestly think she was one of those people who took one HTML class or something and then felt she was a programmer. She was dumber then SHIT! Ugh! But I made a ton of money off her so that was good.[/private]

Came home after that and met up with Constantine again. We were supposed to go to a BBQ on the beach. I thought it was in Hermosa Beach, but it ended up being in Huntington Beach and I was too tired to drive all the way down there. Plus we kinda feel asleep after he got to my house, so by the time we would have got there it would have been 9 and the beach closes at 10. We ended up just staying at my place and watching Brokeback Mountain. He spent the night again.

Sunday I made us breakfast and went on a quick ride while he slept in. After that we went shopping for camping trip stuff. REI doesn’t have much stuff that I could really need/use so it was hard to find stuff for both of us. After that we hit up Target and bought about $60 worth of stuff. Speaking of camping though. I’m very annoyed that two people have canceled already and others are starting to get bitchy about things.

Constantine and I ended up just napping the rest of the day away. I’m not sure what it was but I was just SOOO tired all day!

In other news, I have two contract jobs in the final phases of agreeing on price and signing contracts and getting ready to start work and one job that’s just starting the bidding process. So I’m excited about that! Yay for money!


Happy Birthday JC!

What a weekend!

Friday after work I went out on a quick 32 mile ride with Nick. That was pretty fun and a great change of pace.

It took us just under 2 hours. After that I drove home and crashed at my place for the evening. I was in bed by like 8:30 and didn’t get up till 7am. Such a nice nights sleep after having to work 3:30 for most of the week!

Saturday I got up and headed up to Santa Monica for a ride. It was a nice and easy but really boring ride down the coast. I’ve done that long flat stretch so much that it’s just annoying any more. But it was a good group.

Came home after that and did laundry! UGH! Why do I have sooo many clothes. That took like 2 hours then I came home and went and had some wine with Erick and just hung out and watched a movie with him.

Sunday I got up and again headed to Santa Monica for basically the same ride again. Although this time we took the streets instead of the beach path which makes things a little more fun. Plus the UBER hot straight boy was there again. I’m in love with him. hhahaha. We all had breakfast at Good Stuff in Hermosa Beach. All 40 of us. What a freaking mess! They took forever to get peoples orders and the waitress didn’t keep track at ALL of who ordered what, so they were just bringing things out. Well this one guy ordered cinnamon french toast and was brought regular french toast… What a hellish thing to do. Cause he flipped out! He yelled at the manager and then when the waitress did bring out the correct order she had like 5 plates on her arm and his wasn’t the first one. But when he saw her going to other tables he runs up to her and starts to grab the plate way in the back which was his. Of course any mentally competent person could have seen that doing such would have caused her to drop them all. And EVERYONE was screaming at him not to grab them and the manager came over and grabbed him. And this guy has to be in his 60’s! It was a mess! I can’t believe these people.

I followed the hot boys ass all the way home. God it’s amazing. lol. After that I headed to the gym and showered and then over to JC’s for his birthday party and head shaving. We all went to the hair salon and he shaved his head. It was really great fun! From there we headed over to Fiesta Cantina. Where I got very drunk, but had a blast! Chad showed up after basically begging him to skip the gym and offering to make out with him. So we hung out and then this guy Ian came over and started talking to us. Apparently both Chad and I had have been talking to him online. Anyways. he was SOO annoying so we left there and headed to Here and spent the rest of the evening there. It’s really fun though going out now and seeing all these lifecycle people randomly out and about and being able to talk to them.

Anyways, we stayed there till like 10:30 and then headed out and grabbed pizza at the normal place and then headed back to Chad’s house. Where we spent the night making out and talking. 🙂 Lots of fun. I left there at 3am. So I was in West Hollywood from 1pm till 3am! What a freaking day!

So Chad is one of the many guys I went out on a date with last year (Ok, technically it was this year, but whatever). I really enjoyed him when we went out, but after that he got really busy with his frat and I got really busy with lifecycle and we never really got to hang out again. Which is sad, cause he’s a really nice guy and very smart. So I hope after last night we can hang out a lot more now. 🙂 ahha.

Well needless to say, I slept in today. Got up and cleaned my apartment hard core. I just finished that and now I am going to go enjoy the beautiful day at the beach!

BTW. The middle mouse button on my Apple Mighty Mouse is not working and it’s VERY annoying.


V-Day and random people

Wow. I’ve sucked at updating the last week or so!

Let see, So V-Day was great. Went out to The Shore in Hermosa Beach with Ben. We had a great dinner and hung out there in Hermosa and chilled. So that was really nice.

Thursday I went into work late and came home late. So nothing exciting there. Friday I worked in the NB office and apparently we have Monday off. Who knew!? If I had known that I would have gone somewhere this weekend!

Friday, Robert, Eric, Ben and I went out to WeHo. Fiesta Cantina, The Abbey, Here and then the Pizza Place. Here’s closing act is AMAZING. OMG. Next week I’ll try and go and get pics.

Ran into fucking Dustin at Fiesta… Do you all remember DUSTIN? How random! Then of course ran into Mayko at the fucking pizza place. I ignored them both.

The Abbey was great though. We were hanging out in the front area and this random italian boy comes up to me and tells me I’m hot. I say thanks and then am just like. ‘Ok, go away now’. Cause it was really random. But he kept talking. Thankfully he strated hanging all over Robert. Then these two RANDOM people came up and started talking to us. Very interesting times.

The whole group (not the random boys) spent the night at my house. We got up saturday morning and I made them all breakfast. Bisquits and Eggs. Very yummy if you ask me. 🙂 After that Eric and Robert left. Ben and I headed to Downtown LA to The Dock Downtown. The website keeps saying it’s got SO much off on prices, etc. But everything is still $600+. So I was kinda let down. I found a bed frame/mirror that I fell in LOVE with. If/When I decided that I want to spend $1,000+ on decorating one room. I’ll be going to the Dock Downtown. But as for anything else. I’ll stick to the dumpster and craigslist!

After that we headed back to my area. Stopped at South Bay Galleria and accidentially went shopping at Abercrombie Kids. We were wondering why the dress shirts were only $50 compared to the normal $80. I’d still totally buy a Large at the kids store and wear it! Hell to save $30! lol. From there back to my house where I made us lunch and then we headed to the beach for a couple hours. Gotta love going to the beach in Feb! 😀

I think we now have a great group of campers! So there’s talk of going down south to camp in a couple weeks! I’m very excited and hope that it comes through!

Sunday was SUCH a wasted day. I was going to get up at 6 and go biking. But when the alarm went off at 6 I felt really sick and didn’t want to get up. So I went back to sleep. I didn’t wake up till 9:30ish, got out of bed and spent the day on the couch sleeping. I got up for good at 3pm and watched TV, wondered around the house and basically did nothing.

Today I also did the same thing. I was going to get up at 5am and start working on stuff, but I didn’t actually get up till 8! UGH! what’s wrong with me.

Anyways, I have to get some work done. I’m out!

Private MySpace Profiles!

My god I had a busy weekend. And I’m in SO much pain again! Ugh. My body needs to get used to this shit.

But first.. What is up with these damn Private MySpace profiles. I REALLY hate them. I HATE when someone messages me, or tries to add me as a friend and the damn thing is PRIVATE. What’s the POINT of having a god damn Myspace page if you are going to make it private. I am no longer going to reply to any randoms with private myspace pages. I also hate it because now I can’t stalk anyone. 🙁 haha.

Ok, so lets see.. Friday I left work and went shopping. Spent way to much money again, just buying supplies for this weekends activities. I came home and just wired all the lights together into one cord for my GIANT TIX clock and lit it up, and hung it where it belongs.

Isn’t it pretty. You shoud see it all lit up at night. It’s crazy bright! I’m really going to have to get a dimmer for it.

I went to bed pretty early. Saturday I got up at 6:30, ate breakfast and drove up to Manhattan Beach. Met up with the Aids Lifecycle group and we went off biking. I had my first spill on my new bike too. 🙁 We were JUST starting out and all of a sudden the tail guy started yelling at everyone to stop. So I pulled my right foot out of the clip, but couldn’t get my left one out fast enough, so I fell over. My bike thankfully only took VERY minor damage. After that incident we rode about 11 miles down to just past my house to Palos Verdes. The first part of the ride was really slow and lots of stop and go via the roads. Very not my style. I was a bit annoyed. But we got to the first rest stop and half the group turned around. The rest of us started going UP-up-UP! 7% incline for 5 miles. Ouch! I thought I was going to die, but I made it just fine. Got to the top of the hill and the bathrooms were closed! I had to piss so badly! lol.

The ride back down the hill was really fun. Averaged about 40/mph coming down. For the whole ride we did a little over 15/mph. Which is ok. I usually average 18/mph, but I don’t have to deal with as much stop/go shit.

Everyone was really nice but it was AWK. I mean, you know how I get in new groups. I just stand there and don’t say anything. I tried to talk to some people but I just didn’t do well at all. I’m excited for next week’s ride though. It’s the ACL kick off and it’s supposed to be HUGE!

Came home from that and stopped at Panda Express in my riding get-up. Somone whistled at me, he was kinda hot. lol. Got home and showered, changed and then started my newest project…

It’s an 8’x5′ painting:


And no, the shadow is not part of it. Right now it’s just the lime green. I really like it. Although someone said that it looked like a green screen that they use in TV. Either way. I was going to paint two red lines on it using the same red as the clock, but I did a sample piece that’s 4″x6″, and it just looks wierd. So Austin suggested that I do it in grey. I think I’m going to go with Silver. 🙂 I’m debating as to what to do with it.

One part of me wants to make a second one the same size, only with a bright purple, and hang them side by side in my bedroom vertically, so it’s kinda contrasting. Another part of me wants to just keep the one and use the other 4 yards of canvas for smaller things. And finially a last part of me wants to use it to sell and raise money for LifeCycle. I’m really nervous about not getting enough money for this thing, incase you can’t tell!

After that I showered again, and Austin came over, we went out to dinner in Hermosa Beach and then went out to the Dolphin. That place was SCARY! There were only about 5 people there, two of them were HUGE lesbians. (I mean huge as in Bull Dyke). So we left there and came back to my place, watched a movie, stole some of each others movies, and drank some Champagne. Good stuff. He spent the night, on the couch.

Got up Sunday, had breakfast, a meeting from 10-11 and then this guy Johnny came over at 11ish. We hung out and watched QaF. He was cute and nice. We’ll see what happens.

He left a little after 6. I had another meeting at 6:30 and then just chilled on the couch at home. Watched Heroes. It was really good, although a bit gross. I added it to my Tivo listing.

This morning it was so hard to get out of bed. My legs are killing me, and plus it’s getting really cold here (and by that I mean like the high 50’s, I’m such a fucking pussy now!) and I just want to stay under the covers where it’s warm and cozy.

I really want to go out to WeHo for Halloween.. I hear it’s crazyness.