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A week of movies

Wow, it’s been a while! I’m slacking off. No, I’ve actually just been really busy/tired and watching tons of movies!

Ok, so Tuesday night I spent at Nick’s house in Laguna Beach. OMG, I love it there! I wish I could come home to a house every day instead of a freaking apartment. So that night I just crashed there and watchedPresque rien (Come Undone). I really didn’t get this movie much. But the sex scenes and the hot boys in speedo’s was a plus!

[private]Got up for work the next morning and came in. About noon this guy comes over to my desk and gets all bitchy cause I’m not in the training session that was canceled the day before. I’m sorry, but you’ve been here 2 years less then me and are 4 years younger then I am. He has no authority to be talking to me in the manner that he was. Honestly even if it were the CEO of the company talking to me in that manner I’d be pissed. I complained about this guy’s attitude a while back when we had a heated IM convo. And I’m not the only one who has problems with him. Everyone here is sick of him and the way he talks to customers on the phone is completely rude as well. So I’m working on documenting his shit to show to my boss. [/private]

I went home shortly after that and called into the meeting to listen in for the last two hours. Which was a complete waste of time. From there I headed up to The Bridge to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in iMAX with Constantine. The movie was really great. I enjoyed t.

Thursday I just crashed at home and didn’t do anything besides work. Friday I worked, came home and met up with Constantine again, we went to dinner at Ruby’s and a classic car show. After that we headed to Jason’s place and watched Jesus Camp. What a scary movie! I can’t believe these kids. They are totally brainwashed. But it’s also amazing at how old they sound. Scary stuff.

He spent the night and we got up Saturday and I had to drive to Burbank to meet up with this web designer. She designed porn sites and I had to help her integrate wordpress into one of them.

[private]I honestly think she was one of those people who took one HTML class or something and then felt she was a programmer. She was dumber then SHIT! Ugh! But I made a ton of money off her so that was good.[/private]

Came home after that and met up with Constantine again. We were supposed to go to a BBQ on the beach. I thought it was in Hermosa Beach, but it ended up being in Huntington Beach and I was too tired to drive all the way down there. Plus we kinda feel asleep after he got to my house, so by the time we would have got there it would have been 9 and the beach closes at 10. We ended up just staying at my place and watching Brokeback Mountain. He spent the night again.

Sunday I made us breakfast and went on a quick ride while he slept in. After that we went shopping for camping trip stuff. REI doesn’t have much stuff that I could really need/use so it was hard to find stuff for both of us. After that we hit up Target and bought about $60 worth of stuff. Speaking of camping though. I’m very annoyed that two people have canceled already and others are starting to get bitchy about things.

Constantine and I ended up just napping the rest of the day away. I’m not sure what it was but I was just SOOO tired all day!

In other news, I have two contract jobs in the final phases of agreeing on price and signing contracts and getting ready to start work and one job that’s just starting the bidding process. So I’m excited about that! Yay for money!


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Sounds as though you and Constantine aer ahving a great time. My boyfriend and I saw “Harry Potter” Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Much better than the last film. Darker but with a solid storyline. And Imelda Staunton was wonderfully evil as Mrs. Umbridge.

presque rien.. oooh my. that jérémie elkaïm guy is delicious… and that one seen where he umm.. steps out of the shower. whoa!

anyway, i agree with you, i couldn’t understand that movie but the hot guys made up for it.

glad you like the new HP movie. as greg said, umbridge was awesome!

Still haven’t made it to the floating swimming pool, but I hear it’s fun. Shoot me an email sometime, I have some questions for you about blogging. -JW

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