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So today I am working a very very long day. I only have about an hour left, so that’s good. I took a large chunk out of the middle of the day to drive to San Diego and back to check out a 1952 truck. The truck was VERY nice… But there were a few concerns:

1) he says it sat for about 40 years, but they aren’t sure if anything was done to the truck after that, rebuilt engine, etc. The truck sounds good, and rides good, but who knows about the gaskets, etc. I would think after that long they’d have to do something to get it running? (the odometer has 35,000 miles on it, but he’s not sure if it’s rolled over)

2) Between the header and the exhaust pipe you can feel hot air coming out. Probably just a missing gasket. There’s been an electric fan installed, but I think it was put in backwards.

3) Lots of little rubs/etc in the bed paint. You can tell that things had just been thrown in and out of there. But the truck is solid steel.

4) A few little bubble areas in the paint. Not sure if this is rust or what’s going on with it. But overall the paint job looks great! I couldn’t find any over spray or anything.

5) The wiring job for the new radio is pretty messy.

I posted to the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Site for help.

[private]Now, not to bad mouth these guys. Because they are giving me some GREAT info and tons of help and I don’t want to burn bridges this early, but there’s one person who posted something about being able to browse up a level to my other photos and there being “way to much information” there. Well I’m sorry that I didn’t know how to post images to the forum when I first did the post and that now that I _do_ know how I can’t go back and edit the post. Besides, they are the ones who click the “parent directory link” and then go through and look at those pics. I’m not forcing them to view anything. (I have however created an index page so that the directory listing can no longer be viewed). But overall they have been a HUGE help. Especially the guy with the 1951 Ford Panel truck and they have made me even more excited to get a truck![/private]

I had a meeting at 2 back in Irvine and didn’t get out of San Diego till 1 (it’s an 80 mile drive). The guy was just talking to much and I was enjoying chatting with him (old guys are so cool!). We were talking about trucks and raising kids and what not. Anyways, I drove about 85mph all the way back to Irvine. Got here at 2:10, only to find out that my meeting had been canceled at the last minute and moved to tomorrow from 12-4. Which means I’m working 4am-4pm again tomorrow! I’ll have to figure out a way to just do the meeting from home.

The other day I was able to get some time to watch This film is not yet rated.. GREAT movie if you haven’t seen it. I really think that the whole rating system should be open and more pubilc. Having a small group of people decide what is and is not allowed, and having people who have been on the board for so long is just not the right way to do it. Perhaps we should make these people run for office as well! hahah. Yeah right, that’d be a huge mess! But there def should be some way to control who is on there and for how long.

Also, on the long ass drive back from San Diego, I was listening to Dr Laura. You all know how much I love her! Anyways, this caller calls in because her husband has a “porn and masturbation” addiction. Really? Are you fucking kidding me. Dr Laura ultimately suggested that she DIVORCE the guy because his masturbation means that he’s unable to have a relationship with a real person! WHAT?! Are you fucking kidding me? Ok, first off. Was the wife even having sex with the husband or was she using sex as a tool to get what she wants? That would have been my first guess. Now if they WERE having sex and what not. Then maybe the wife needed to talk to him to find out WHY he’s jacking off and watching porn. Is she not doing what he’d like, does he have a fantasy he’d like fulfilled? Do they always do it missionary style and on Friday night?

I really don’t think you can be ADDICTED to porn. It’s a god damn movie! There’s no substance there altering your mind. I think that a guy should be able to watch porn and jack off whenever he damn well pleases, especially if the wife isn’t satisfying his sexual drive. Now if the guy has been going out and cheating, that’s a whole nother story. But PORN is not cheating! Perhaps the wife should watch with.

UGH, what is wrong with this country?

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