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V-Day and random people

Wow. I’ve sucked at updating the last week or so!

Let see, So V-Day was great. Went out to The Shore in Hermosa Beach with Ben. We had a great dinner and hung out there in Hermosa and chilled. So that was really nice.

Thursday I went into work late and came home late. So nothing exciting there. Friday I worked in the NB office and apparently we have Monday off. Who knew!? If I had known that I would have gone somewhere this weekend!

Friday, Robert, Eric, Ben and I went out to WeHo. Fiesta Cantina, The Abbey, Here and then the Pizza Place. Here’s closing act is AMAZING. OMG. Next week I’ll try and go and get pics.

Ran into fucking Dustin at Fiesta… Do you all remember DUSTIN? How random! Then of course ran into Mayko at the fucking pizza place. I ignored them both.

The Abbey was great though. We were hanging out in the front area and this random italian boy comes up to me and tells me I’m hot. I say thanks and then am just like. ‘Ok, go away now’. Cause it was really random. But he kept talking. Thankfully he strated hanging all over Robert. Then these two RANDOM people came up and started talking to us. Very interesting times.

The whole group (not the random boys) spent the night at my house. We got up saturday morning and I made them all breakfast. Bisquits and Eggs. Very yummy if you ask me. 🙂 After that Eric and Robert left. Ben and I headed to Downtown LA to The Dock Downtown. The website keeps saying it’s got SO much off on prices, etc. But everything is still $600+. So I was kinda let down. I found a bed frame/mirror that I fell in LOVE with. If/When I decided that I want to spend $1,000+ on decorating one room. I’ll be going to the Dock Downtown. But as for anything else. I’ll stick to the dumpster and craigslist!

After that we headed back to my area. Stopped at South Bay Galleria and accidentially went shopping at Abercrombie Kids. We were wondering why the dress shirts were only $50 compared to the normal $80. I’d still totally buy a Large at the kids store and wear it! Hell to save $30! lol. From there back to my house where I made us lunch and then we headed to the beach for a couple hours. Gotta love going to the beach in Feb! 😀

I think we now have a great group of campers! So there’s talk of going down south to camp in a couple weeks! I’m very excited and hope that it comes through!

Sunday was SUCH a wasted day. I was going to get up at 6 and go biking. But when the alarm went off at 6 I felt really sick and didn’t want to get up. So I went back to sleep. I didn’t wake up till 9:30ish, got out of bed and spent the day on the couch sleeping. I got up for good at 3pm and watched TV, wondered around the house and basically did nothing.

Today I also did the same thing. I was going to get up at 5am and start working on stuff, but I didn’t actually get up till 8! UGH! what’s wrong with me.

Anyways, I have to get some work done. I’m out!

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