A Look Back…

Dead Soda’s Check out this list of old sodas and what not. Very cool. I remember most of them… lol. It’s funny to look back and wonder what the hell these people were thinking!

Great list of MacOSX apps… My new fav is VirtueDesktops. Which is so cool! The beta has lots of bugs, but I can live!

It’s sad that this stuff is real… and that so many UK/European people will see the US like this. UGH!

I completely forgot to write about what happened at the office last Friday. I was working up in SM and these two girls came by handing out stickers with our names on them. I asked what these were for and they said “The move happening this weekend”…. “WHAT!?” Whave move?! This was the first I had heard of any move! I knew that they were planning a move sometime early this year to across the street, but I hadn’t heard ANYTHING about it in months! So I messaged the guy who manages me there and ask what’s going on. He gives me the DL and that apparently the dolt that’s managing the move forgot to notify me at all. They are only moving the people off the second floor into temp housing till the REAL move next month.

So then about 2 hours later, after I’ve packed up all my shit and freaked out and what not, because NO ONE knows where my shit is being moved to, or ANYTHING the dolt who’s organizing the move comes down and is like, “we’re not moving till NEXT weekend.” UGH! Can’t these people get ANYTHING straight!? What the fuck. Very annoying.

Monday was a 13 hour day at the office… Lots of stuff going on and what not. I have to learn Joomla now. I’ve been meaning to play with it and see what’s going on, but have just never had the chance to do it. I was given the task on Monday to completely redesign the corporate website… By next Tuesday.

Tuesday morning I slept in and headed to the office about 10ish and worked the day away on that stuff. Tuesday night was my first class. It was HORRIBLE… I’m really debating about if I want to go back or not. The prof seems nice enough, he was joking around and making it funny and stuff, but I just don’t know if I can deal with a class right now. Plus when I signed up work was dead. Now I don’t think I have the time or energy to spend 5 hours a week in class, plus the time it’s going to take to do all the homework/etc.

After that I headed over to Ben’s house and hung out with him we went down to Venice Beach and had coffee and just chatted. It was really nice.

It’s so wierd saying.. “I have to run to class now”.. It’s been 2.5+ years since I’ve said that! Ugh. I’m soooo old! haha.

How to blow $145 billion a year.

Remember that job I flew to Chicago to look into last year around easter? Well the same company has posted another ad.. I’m debating about applying.

Well. I have TONS of work to do, and a date tonight! YAY! So see ya later.

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  1. You can always check the job out. If they would happen to offer a job, doesn’t mean you have to take it. You should give it a try. See what happens!!

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