Pain Pain PAIN!

Omg.. SOOOO much pain from Tour De Palm Springs!

Sitting up to write this.. PAIN!
Driving in the car… PAIN!
Laying down… PAIN!
Walking… PAIN!

The weekend was tons of fun though. After work I drove out to Palm Springs and chilled with the Aunt and Uncle types. Traffic getting there was horrible. The first 80 miles was STOP…. GO… STOP.. GOO! Very annoying. And then I got lost. Ugh.

So I get there and they tell me we’re going to the club house for dinner. I didn’t bring clothes for that so I had to borrow mu uncles clothes… Straight outta the 70’s. Horrible! The food was good, they got drunk again like normal, etc…

Got done with that and went straight to bed. Got up at 5am and showered, dressed and then headed out to the bike ride.

Overall it was fun. The first 50 miles were no problem. About mile 67 I started to really cramp up, thankfully shortly after that I got a flat tire, so that gave me a chance to stop and streatch and take a break along the road. Got to the 72mile SAG stop and took my time. There was a nice grassy spot that I laid down on for a while and stretched out. By the time we got to the 92 mile SAG stop I just wanted to get the hell to the end! So the last 10 miles I really cranked it out and averaged 20mph for that part. It helped that I was following this really cute 20-something with a nice ass! 🙂

The first 20 miles took 1 hour and 20minutes, the second 20 miles took 45ish minutes…. Over all riding time was just over 6 hours. Total time on the course was just over 8 hours.
Total Miles: 102.9
Average Speed: 15.7mph
Max Speed: 46mph

I got back to the house about 4ish and showered and then laid down on the couch. We went out to dinner that night and I had some drinks. 🙂

Sunday I got up and was in TONS of pain. Drove home, which was PAINFUL from sitting for so long. And it was raining like a MOFO! Got home and spent most of the night on the couch. Ben came over and we did go out to dinner to Versailles Cuban and had a good time.

As always, photos can be seen on the photodump. And Here’s a map of the route:

Today I’m doing MUCH better, but my tail bone still hurts a ton when I sit. 🙁 I’m not sure if I should go to the gym tonight or not.


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