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HD Coverage Again

So this week I’m covering for the HD again. I know I bitch about this everytime I do it. But my god! What does this guy do in the afternoons!? When I used to work the HD every day, he would do this. And he’s STILL doing it. Leaves 20-40 unread e-mails EVERY DAY! WHY!?!?!?!? This is ridiculous. He even leaves things marked as “Unread” when he has CLEARLY replied to them and he leaves the messages that HE sends out marked as unread! RIDICULOUS! There is NO REASON for this at all.

I am leaving them as they are. Not touching a god damn thing. I bet you when I come in the morning they are all the same way! UGH!

So remember I went flying with Jason and Carlito a while back? Well the pictures from that flight are up on the photodump at last!

Tuesday night Ben came over and we went out to Sushi. I really enjoy my time with him. 🙂 I asked him to see what sort of CHEAP flight he could get me back to Iowa. I wanna go and look at some houses and what not.

Bush Gets Spanked…. I would LOVE to see this here.

Will it blend?

I love the glowstick one.

Been REALLY busy at work and trying to crank out stuff for my Contract jobs. These 3:30am days are KILLING me. Thank god I only have one more left.

Thursday Ben came over and we went out shopping. I bought a really cute pair of shorts and a bunch of stuff I don’t need at Target. It was a good night. I think we’re going biking and then to the Chinese New Year in Chinatown on Saturday.

That is all. I must work!

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