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Happy Birthday JC!

What a weekend!

Friday after work I went out on a quick 32 mile ride with Nick. That was pretty fun and a great change of pace.

It took us just under 2 hours. After that I drove home and crashed at my place for the evening. I was in bed by like 8:30 and didn’t get up till 7am. Such a nice nights sleep after having to work 3:30 for most of the week!

Saturday I got up and headed up to Santa Monica for a ride. It was a nice and easy but really boring ride down the coast. I’ve done that long flat stretch so much that it’s just annoying any more. But it was a good group.

Came home after that and did laundry! UGH! Why do I have sooo many clothes. That took like 2 hours then I came home and went and had some wine with Erick and just hung out and watched a movie with him.

Sunday I got up and again headed to Santa Monica for basically the same ride again. Although this time we took the streets instead of the beach path which makes things a little more fun. Plus the UBER hot straight boy was there again. I’m in love with him. hhahaha. We all had breakfast at Good Stuff in Hermosa Beach. All 40 of us. What a freaking mess! They took forever to get peoples orders and the waitress didn’t keep track at ALL of who ordered what, so they were just bringing things out. Well this one guy ordered cinnamon french toast and was brought regular french toast… What a hellish thing to do. Cause he flipped out! He yelled at the manager and then when the waitress did bring out the correct order she had like 5 plates on her arm and his wasn’t the first one. But when he saw her going to other tables he runs up to her and starts to grab the plate way in the back which was his. Of course any mentally competent person could have seen that doing such would have caused her to drop them all. And EVERYONE was screaming at him not to grab them and the manager came over and grabbed him. And this guy has to be in his 60’s! It was a mess! I can’t believe these people.

I followed the hot boys ass all the way home. God it’s amazing. lol. After that I headed to the gym and showered and then over to JC’s for his birthday party and head shaving. We all went to the hair salon and he shaved his head. It was really great fun! From there we headed over to Fiesta Cantina. Where I got very drunk, but had a blast! Chad showed up after basically begging him to skip the gym and offering to make out with him. So we hung out and then this guy Ian came over and started talking to us. Apparently both Chad and I had have been talking to him online. Anyways. he was SOO annoying so we left there and headed to Here and spent the rest of the evening there. It’s really fun though going out now and seeing all these lifecycle people randomly out and about and being able to talk to them.

Anyways, we stayed there till like 10:30 and then headed out and grabbed pizza at the normal place and then headed back to Chad’s house. Where we spent the night making out and talking. 🙂 Lots of fun. I left there at 3am. So I was in West Hollywood from 1pm till 3am! What a freaking day!

So Chad is one of the many guys I went out on a date with last year (Ok, technically it was this year, but whatever). I really enjoyed him when we went out, but after that he got really busy with his frat and I got really busy with lifecycle and we never really got to hang out again. Which is sad, cause he’s a really nice guy and very smart. So I hope after last night we can hang out a lot more now. 🙂 ahha.

Well needless to say, I slept in today. Got up and cleaned my apartment hard core. I just finished that and now I am going to go enjoy the beautiful day at the beach!

BTW. The middle mouse button on my Apple Mighty Mouse is not working and it’s VERY annoying.


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