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So when I first signed up for AIDS/Lifecycle way back when one of the first things I did was to join a team. They promoted it as being a great family experience and that it would really help your fundraising, etc etc. So I rode with the team for a while and they are all great people and I’ve made some good friends off the team. But…

First off, the team has only raised me about $100 total. Not really worth it.

But the major issue is that even though I was one of the first 20 people to sign up. I have been totally screwed out of all of the teams events. This past weekend I found out that the team leader has been sending out emails nearly every week for MONTHS now about different things.

This all came to light 2 weeks ago when I was out on the Latigo Canyon ride with a guy when he mentioned a dinner on Tuesday. I said I had no idea about it and he asked if I had gotten the email. So I email the team leaded and apparently not only is there a dinner on Tuesday they also had a tent grouping, and team jerseys and they all got hotel space together.

WHAT?! Now this SURE as hell would have been great to know about forever ago. That way I would be tenting with my team, I would have a jersey, etc. So I email him back and say that I want a jersey. Well they are all sold, of course because you had to pre-order yours. Thankfully they were able to buy one back from someone who had bought two jerseys, so I did get one. But Still! This is all a mess and is really angering me.

Then on Sunday when I was out at JC’s b-day party, I saw a girl wearing a Team 100 jacket. And it was SOO cute! I want one damnit. But all because of someone else’s screw up, I didn’t get a chance to get one. And apparently there is also a fucking Team 100 hoodie! WTF?!

I know that going to the rides, I would have been able to hear about them more, but I’ve been busy and unable to go to the ride times they have had. So it’s not my fault. I signed up forever ago and missed out on a major part of this “family” experience all because someone else didn’t send me the correct emails.


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  1. wow that totally sucks. i’d be pissed off too if i missed out on the cute team jacket. so are you gonna do it again next year? sorry, i know, this year’s event hasn’t already started yet and i’m already asking about next year. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I dunno. At this point, I would do it again next year, but I just don’t have the vacation time to do it. We’ll see.

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