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  • Funeral Stuff

    So, it’s been one LONG LONG week. I got into Omaha at 3pm. As I was walking into the baggage claim area I spotted my mother on the phone… I walk over to her and she tells me the news… :'( Lots of crying in the airport. Drove to the grandparents house and lots of […]

  • Weekend Recap…

    Ok, So I am on the plane now and thought I would take some time to write about the weekend. Lets see, I really didn’t do to much during the week. I went to the gym with Dustin one day and no gym the rest of the week. Iw as pretty lazy. Friday I went […]

  • Lone Pine Trip

    This weekend was very long and yet tons of fun! Friday I got up early and headed out to Pasadena to pick up this guy Jimmy, from there we headed up to Canyon Country to meet up with George, Jason, Merot and Lewis. Headed from there up to Red Rock Canyon. Hung out there for […]

  • A Spot of Bother – Mark Haddon

    Well this past weekend, I finished reading the second book that Constantine and I were supposed to read together. Obviously we are not talking any more, but still. The book was great! 🙂 The book is about a british family. The father is a retired man who finds a rash on his thigh and thinks […]

  • Living My Life…

    I’m getting along pretty good really. I do have my days, I get sad, I cry a little, I have to resist calling him and screaming at him or crying my eyes out. But I am having fun again and enjoying things more. This week has been very very busy. Lets see, I have to […]