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  • A painful 4th…

    Ok. Well an update about the accident. I’m fine. Yes, I’ve been in TONS of pain. But it could have been a lot worse. Tuesday night, I hung out with Mok for the evening we watched movies (Avaliable Men) and talked about our injuries. Getting into bed that night was very interesting. It took about […]

  • Anothery day, another ride

    This has been a long weekend. Lets see… This whole getting dark so damn early is really throwing me off.. I feel like I should be in bed at like 6pm. I dunno what’s it all about! And I watch so much TV now. I hate it. Friday this guy came over. Johny 5, we’ll […]

  • Movies

    Went out to a movie tonight…. Constantine… It was really good, not as scary as I thought it’d be. But still gross at some points. It’s been so long since I’ve been to the movies. I wish they weren’t so fucking expensive. Thankfully we had free tickets to go tonight, so that’s good. There’s some […]