Tag: Constantine

  • San Simeon and Hearst Castle

    What a weekend! The group (Me, Constantine, Eric, Mok, Robert, Bill, Nina, Sirin) gathered up Friday afternoon and we headed out to San Simeon State Park. There were some issues getting the truck all loaded up. Mainly we had WAY too much shit to pack into a tiny ass SUV. Thankfully Bill brought a big […]

  • A week of movies

    Wow, it’s been a while! I’m slacking off. No, I’ve actually just been really busy/tired and watching tons of movies! Ok, so Tuesday night I spent at Nick’s house in Laguna Beach. OMG, I love it there! I wish I could come home to a house every day instead of a freaking apartment. So that […]

  • Rock Climbing & Camping!

    I’ve been very active this week and yet I feel as though I’ve done nothing! Oh my. Work has been crazy busy, my personal life has been packed. Things are crazy! So Wed night I went rock climbing with Mok. That boy has some HOT legs! Oh my. And the other boys there at the […]

  • All My Songs!

    So I just completed listening to EVERY song I own. It only took me since March 8, 2007. So just over 5 months! Oh my! I’m working on a quick little PHP script to do some cool shit with my iTunes Library information to produce some statistics and what not. So last night I hung […]

  • America’s Healthcare!

    Oh my. It’s been a busy weekend for a boy is who broken! So Friday I went into the office and worked. No surprises there! I got a lot of stuff done, but still feel like I have way to much to get caught up on. I must start learning our new product and learn […]