Tag: Constantine

  • Road Rage Friday!

    Wow, there’s a lot of road rage out there today! I get in my car at 5:45am this morning. I’m running a bit late (I’ll explain later!)… Radio comes on.. “5 car pile up on the 405S at Western backup starts at the 105”. Oh great! Thank GOD I get on the 405 JUST PAST […]

  • The Moving is done…

    I think. Dreamhost seems a little slow with the wordpress, no? I’m not sure what’s going on. But I know that I haven’t had any CPU errors or what not yet. So what’s been going on, eh? Well Monday, Constantine came over and I cooked him dinner and then we watched Aviator. It was a […]

  • Gay Erotic Expo!!

    Yes, this weekend. I went to the Gay Erotic Expo! Sooo. Friday night I hung out with Mok and Brian. It was lots of fun. We got drunk and watched Ice Age and Ice Age 2. They were kinda funny. Mok spent the night. Saturday we got up and went shopping at Home Depot and […]

  • My Clean Floors

    Well, my life hasn’t been all that interesting… Friday I went out to WeHo with Constantine, Jason and Steve. We had an entertaining time. Came home early. Saturday I got up and cleaned my floors. Like Rugdoctor and all. They feel nice under my feet now. It was really gross while I was doing it. […]

  • Some good stuff…

    Ok. I said I’d try and write about the good stuff that’s going on as well! Well first off, I’ve been crazy busy with both my job and my contracts. I’ve got three currently active contracts and one of those is adding on an additional two contracts. So that’s excellent news. I love making money! […]