Tag: Constantine

  • Moving On…

    What a busy weekend. This weekend I had to keep myself busy or else I would have gone crazy thinking about Const and what not. So Friday I got home from work and went up to Santa Monica, hit the gym for a long time and then met up with Chad for dinner and a […]

  • A Week of Bad News

    This week has just been a really bad week for news. First the whole Const and I issue. I have had some great support from my friends, and a lot of people who read here have really been very helpful. I also called my mother and she gave me some amazing support. I’ve never talked […]

  • Heart Broken

    Well, the weekend was bad. He got here on Friday night and right away at the airport things were awkward. We headed out to dinner and had some off conversation there. It was hard to talk for some reason and hard to find things to talk about. After that we walked to the theater to […]

  • His Return

    Constantine arrives at LAX in 5 hours. My stomach has been going crazy all day with butterflies. I am very nervous for his return. How will I feel! How will he feel? I’m going crazy! I have lots of stuff planned for the weekend, so I really hope that things go well. I’m pretty sure […]

  • See your Relationship…

    I feel like my relationship is crumbling under my feet. Sinking faster then I can bail the water out. My heart has been in pain for the last week. I keep trying to put on a happy face at work and go about my day, but I can’t and work just is not getting done. […]