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  • A Week of Bad News

    This week has just been a really bad week for news. First the whole Const and I issue. I have had some great support from my friends, and a lot of people who read here have really been very helpful. I also called my mother and she gave me some amazing support. I’ve never talked […]

  • Update on Grandma

    Well. I haven’t yet had a chance to talk to my grandma in person. I’ve called her 3 times on both her room phone and the cell phone, but no answer. I got an update this morning from my Aunt though. Apparently they got around a foot of snow on Sunday. Apparently she hit a […]

  • Death Valley!

    What a weekend! Friday night was the typical Dinner with friends. We all met up at Jason’s house and he had Meatballs cooking. However, he was no where to be found! So we made the rest of the dinner and ate it without him. He showed up just as we were finishing dinner. Overall it […]

  • Happy Birthday to ME!

    Happy Birthday to me!!! Yesterday was my birthday. It was a pretty good one. This year I haven’t really been feeling my birthday too much, but in the end I had a good one. Constantine and I met up at the gym after work and we worked out, went home, showered and then went to […]

  • Aids/Lifecycle Wrap up!

    What a week. Words cannot describe the emotions that come over a person during this week. We all laughed, we cried, we struggled, we were in pain. But we all made it through. Day Zero Cow Palace, San Fransisco Total Miles Traveled: 0 (0%) Miles to go: 556.8 (100%) Day Zero was a great day. […]