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Biking Weekend

Well this weekend has been pretty busy. Friday I just stayed home after work and had an enjoyable evening alone. That was nice to just hang out and relax. Saturday I got up early in the morning and headed down to Long Beach. Did a great 50 mile ride that day. There’s a 70 mile ride coming up in a couple weeks going from Irvine to San Diego, and then you catch the train back. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun, so I think I am going to sign up for that. After the ride I came home, showered and then went and got my hair cut and stopped at Target to pick up a few things.

While I was there I realized I forgot the croutons for my Meatloaf I was going to make. So I checked out the food section and couldn’t find any croutons. So I just headed next door to the Ralphs. I ended up getting a whole basket full of stuff. Most of it was on sale with a ralphs club card. So I get up to the check out line and the woman rings up my stuff. I realize I left my club card in the car, and just enter my phone number… Which NEVER works. I swear, the thing doesn’t work with out of state phone numbers. Because everytime I try to do that at any of the grocery stores it never works. Anyways, I try twice then the cashier woman tries. Doesn’t work. So she says that I can’t get the club discount. I say to her, “Don’t you have one you can just scan for me?”. It’s not that big of a deal, most cashiers have one, thier own or what not that they’ll just scan. They get points towards coffee at starbucks and whatnot, so why not? She says, “No, we’re not allowed to do that.” So then I do whate everyone else does.. I ask the lady behind me. Typical grandma style woman, she’s confused at first but when I explain it to her again she gladly hands over her Club card for me to use.

The cashier refuses to take it… WHAT?!?!?! Now this is where things get ridiculious. It doesn’t MATTER whos card it is. The cashier goes off on this rant about how it’s “Wrong that you get her discount” and blah blah blah. Excuse me? It’s NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL. It’s not like the old woman has to pay the card, it’s not like the money is coming out of the cashiers pockets. It’s a discount that ANYONE could have gotten. Hell I could have just taken the 5 minutes to sign up for a new card if I really wanted to. But I didn’t want to hold up the line any more then it already was. At one point the cashier in the next line even turned to the old woman and said. “I really don’t know what her damn problem is.” Sooo funny. Anyways, on the way out I happen to run into a manager and told him the story, then the old woman stopped and talked to him. As soon as she was done he ran over to the phone and picked it up. I assume to yell at her or something.

The old lady and I stopped outside and chatted for a while. It was great.

After that I went home and made my meatloaf. Sooo yummy! By that time it was like 6pm and I was exhausted from running around all day, so I again just spend the night at home and watched the movie magnolia. It was very very strange. Raining frogs?! WTF?

Sunday morning I got up early and headed up to Santa Monica for a ride with Team 100. Pretty big group there this time, which was cool. There was this new really cute boy, like REALLY cute, anyways, he totally falshed like everyone. You could see his junk. Haha. I also met this guy Wayne and Nick. They were pretty cool. Nick and I got lost early on though because we were following this guy who apparently wasn’t in our group. lol. Opps. Wayne and I think that NIck got lost again because he took off from us about 10 miles before the first rest stop and we lost track of him. But he was no where to be found at the first stop. Opps again. I headed back from there because I was on a time constraint.

Met up with Ben for lunch at The Counter which was relaly good as per usual. After that we went shopping, and then split ways for a couple hours.

He came back over at 8:30 and we hung out. It’s good to have him back in town. 🙂

My Life

Trip Ends…

Wow. This trip is over already! I haven’t blogged at all, been way too busy. I’m really excited to leave and at the same time I don’t want too. As I sit here writing just this I’m starting to tear up. There’s a lot of people I didn’t get to see this trip, and I’m sad about that. Also a lot of things that I like doing while here that I didn’t get to do either.

Anyways, going back a few days. Thursday I landed here and went out house shopping with my dad. I think we saw nearly 7 houses, only one or two good ones. The one I had really hoped would be good wasn’t so much. It was a 4 plex in Ankeny, 2 of the tenants had been there 5+ years, the other had just moved in and was a nanny for the other two, and the third were college students. We got to tour the college students apartment. Smelled of pot. Filthy. The building itself was ok. But it had a huge lot and tons of parking. Which means lots of monthly maint. Ugh. The others were good. The one we saw that day that we liked the most had a ton of cats in it, but overall was a nice place. My dad is going to have an inspection done to see what kind of money we have to put into it. We saw two others that day that we really liked from the outside, but the tenatns were not allowing people in to view them. So those are probably no-gos.

I also went out to Java’s with Andrew that night. I saw him for like a whole 2 seconds before they all left. I honestly really hate where our friendship has gone too.

Friday I slept in and my god, I can’t remember what I did friday! I know I went out with Oksy. I think that was Friday. We went shopping and bought Jullian’s gift. I really hope that he likes it, because well. We couldn’t find the thing that Dean had told us he wanted. I drove down to the G&G’s house after that with the couz, couz’s bf, spawn and aunt. I was driving, with three people who get car sick! Not a good combination! haha.

Saturday was Christmas #1 at the G&G’s house. That was good times. The Evil Aunt wasn’t so evil this year, but she hounded my brother. Lots of drama there. I ate WAY too much, but had a great time. I got a baking sheet, Not for Tourists LA book, Wallace&Gromit, Chicken Noodle Soup, A recipie book, $70 in cash (all spent already), and some other general things that I can’t remember right now. It was a good christmas. The table was full, we can’t add anyone else, but we sure need more mouths to eat all the food!

Came home from that with the same crew on the way down. The aunt drove this time, so less car sick complaining. 🙂 Got home from there and went out for a while, low key night.

Sunday I got up and my dad and I went out house shopping again. Saw a few horrible places, although one had a car in the drive way with a rainbow sticker. I’d hate to meet the homo that would live in that area though! lol. That night we did the family christmas. I got an ISU jersey, another wallace&gromit movie, pirates movie, all four harry potter movies, a knife, some other books and more general stuff that I can’t remember! 🙂 Hung around with the family that night and then went out again for a while. Another low key night.

Monday was the GmaS’ side of the family. These people are all crazy. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, I really don’t have anything to talk to most of them about. It was a good time, my cousin on that side brought a guy along, my grandma thought he looked mexican and made some mean comments about that. He was nice, so we’ll see. It will be entertaining to see what she says when I bring someone home. 🙂 I got a calendar. I still REALLY hate that damn idea. Next year it’s “movie themed” what the fuck? We had 2 turkeys and a ham, sooo good. God I’m fat now!

I also had to hand out the gifts on that side of the family. They keep expanding I can never remember any of the new people’s names. Plus there’s so damn many Bob’s that I get them all confused. I only see them once a fucking year. Whatever. I actually got a donation out of one of them though. I hope the rest of them donate or something at least. We’ll see what happens.

Monday night I went out again to a couple bars downtown. Zach got very drunk, it was an enjoyable night.

Tuesday was more house shopping. Saw only 5 places. 1 of which was worthy. In one of them we were going through this one guys place. Walk in and there’s 40’s ALL OVER the kitchen. Walk into the living room and there’s a bed in there, nothing else.. Go up stairs to the two bed rooms, empty! Open up a closet….

DILDOS! LEATHER! BUTT PLUGS! You name it, it was there… This guy was into some kinky shit. I really wanna know who the gay guy is that lives on 37th Street! hahah.

Tuesday night I went out with Angel, and then to the porn store. I tried getting DavidB to hang out with me, but he was “too tired”. I’m so sick of people who say. “Oh I really want to hang out with you when you are in town” but then when you try to hang out with them, they are too tired or busy with something else or what not. UGH! So fucking annoying.

Today (wed), I went out with Beak to lunch and then came home and packed and did some random house shit to try and narrow it down to which house we should buy. The two we liked we can’t make money on. The one next one down we can make money on, but it’s too much for the amount of work that will need to go into it. I think we’re going to put low ball offers in on the top two and see what happens. The top one, still has a gravity furnace, which is A) HUGE! and B) needs to be replaced. lol.

Like I said earlier, I’m excited to be leaving, but sad at the same time. I want to be back in my bed and back to my schedule. Away from all the food and the crazyness of my family. It makes me really sad to be back here though and see how much things are changing. Everytime I come back more and more of the beautiful farmland that makes Iowa is gone and replaed with horrible crappy looking cookie-cutter condos and subrubia. I hate it all. I hate suburbia, I hate urban sprawl, I hate big box stores, I hate strip malls, I hate it! It’ so sad to drive from my parents house over into Ankeny and have it all so close now, I hate sitting out in the hot tub at nights now and instead of seeing the amazing stars, darkness and hearing the bucks in the back yard, all you see now is the city lights and hear the neighbor kids screaming and yelling.

So far I’ve loved the big cities: Paris, Berlin, Chicago, etc. But it’s just so sad to see all this pristine land being eaten up by this shit. I need my space sometimes and Iowa used to be that place. Now I can’t even get away from this crap here.

I will have to say that I still ove the fact that you can be out driving around at 5:30pm and not have to worry about traffic! At least not yet. They keep building like this and soon DM will be just like LA.

My Flight is supposed to start boarding in 1 minute. There’s no plane here yet!!

I’ve also spent a lot of the trip thinking about Mayko and hashing it out with my friends to see how I feel. I like him, but the thing is to look into the future, do I see myself with him? Would I bring him home to the family and introduce him? The answer… I think Yes. I would. I’m still a little shy of the idea of him being in college and stuff, but I think in the long run whatever happens, happens and hopefully that’ll be something good? Maybe.

The plane just arrived…. Hopefully we’ll be boarding soon.

Good bye all!

Pics are on the photodump

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Wasted Day

Ugh, so yesterday was a COMPLETE waste of a day. I had a meeting in Newport Beach, so I think GREAT! I can check out the Bike Shop that JP is always talking about. I check it out online, they are open on Wed’s! So I drive down there… Get in about 9:30 and I have an e-mail, meeting…. CANCELLED! Great… NOT! So I do some work and at lunch I drive down to the bike shop…. CLOSED! UGH! COMPLETLY wasted day! I didn’t get home till 8 last night, ate dinner and went to bed.

Woke up about 3:30 this morning from a horrible dream in which bears were terrorizing my family’s back yard. Random. They even someone dragged my Grandma into the pond. Thankfully we saved her, with minor wounds. So I go to check my cell phone (AKA, Alarm Clock & only clock in the house).. “Searching for Service…”. So I think GREAT! Another wonderful thing. I figure it’s just stupid so I take out the battery and put it back in.. “Searching…” I watch it for a while and nothing comes up, so I go searching the house for my watch, which I haven’t been wearing and had no idea where it was at. Finially find it and it says 3:30. I go back to bed, but of course now I can’t sleep because I’m affraid that my Phone has no idea what time it is and thus won’t go off in the morning.

So I lay there and lay there.. Finially it’s time to get up and my alarm clock DOES go off! Stupid phone, but it still refuses to tell me what time it is, just “Seaching….” UGH. I Shower and come back, get dressed and NOW it has service. Very annoying.

Drive into the office and get stuck behind some idiot who clearly has no idea how to drive… Speeding along 80mph, no one is infront of them, BRAKES! 60…. back up o 80… BRAKES.. 60. back and forth, and the traffic in the lane next to us was so heavy that I couldn’t get over!

I _REALLY_ want to go to Germany. I found tickets there in Nov for $550.. I found some in Jan for $626.. Anyone want to go!?!?!??! PLEASE! I’d be willing to make arrangements on costs. 😛

I also REALLY want to freaking buy a house somewhere. I’ve been looking online and reading up about what I need to do. I’m just too scared and I can’t decide WHERE to buy a house. Everywhere I think to look seems like a not good place to buy…. I just don’t know.

I spent a lot of time the other day updating my family’s website… I even sent out REALLY long letters to everyone explaining what I did and I created them all login’s etc. But no one has replied or updated it. 🙁

OMG, Terrorist in IOWA!… What’s going on over there you crazy Iowans?!

Well I have stuff to do, maybe. Adios.

My Life

Long Long Week

Ok, so it’s been a long long week, and it’s been a while since I last updated. Sorry normal readers!

Lets see, highlights…

Last Tuesday was good, sushi and all that.

Wed was lots of proof-of-concept work for both the consulting and for my real job. Speaking of, OG and the guys at the office are starting up a consulting business. Very exciting stuff. I’ve already got two potential projects for me. After work I went over to Andrew’s and got the charger for the iPod and hung out for a short bit. Went home, biked for a while and then went out and played tennis with Jon. We both sucked. Me more so. It was good to get one-on-one time hanging out with him. He’s a nice guy. 🙂

Also ran into Ty there, apparently he lives in the apartments RIGHT next to the tennis courts. It was random. After we were done with that we went back to our own places, showered and then met back up at Joel’s place. We all went out to dinner and then hung out the rest of the night.

Thursday, was a long day at work. Meetings in Santa Monica, and driving there and back. Though I did get to drive the boss’ 530i BMW. That was hot! We also went to this place to eat where a freaking salad was $15! Thank god the boss paid! Then meetings later in the day for the consulting stuff, and the boy there was uber hot!. Then packing and all that. Ugh, crazyness. Is this what it felt like to be popular in HS, constantly busy? lol. I left my fucking apartment at 5:30 that morning and didn’t get home till 8pm. Ugh.

There was also LOTS of talk of me moving up to Santa Monica during that meeting and just in general from the VP himself. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Friday was just work and then the flight, LONG fucking day. My Scope for that day said: “For now, writing in your journal or blog could be the best answer.”… 😀

The plane ride on friday was fine. I got moved from seat 33, all the way up to 11 and had the whole row to myself, so that was really nice. we left about 30 minutes late, but got in on time. ORD was a mess though, they were doing all this construction in the baggage claim. I honestly don’t know why I bothered with that. Ugh. Got out of there and went to the Car rental place.

Got there and they were like, “well we’re out of Kia Rio’s so we’ll have to give you a PT Cruiser”. So I was just like, “whatever, i just want a fucking car to go home”. So she pulls it up and it’s a freaking PT Convertable! How fun. I left there and traffic was fine. I drove for like an hour with the top down, but then it got too cold. It was kinda cool, you would really tell when you were going through the cold front, cause it went from 80 in Chicago, down to 50 about an hour outside of ORD, and then a few hours later it went back tup to 66.

Sometime I really need to take a road trip out to Chicago when I’m not in a hurry. There’s so much random stuff along I-80 that I want to take pictures of.. Such as “What Cheer, IA” and The worlds largest truck stop and some other really random stuff.

I was able to talk to people for like the first three hours of the trip. Talked to Andrew for like an hour, and then talked to Robert for like 2 hours. It was pretty entertaining. Finially got into my house at 4am and everyone in the house was up. It was so random. Went to bed and got up at about 8 that morning.

Hung around the house talking to the Parents and playing in the pond and stuff like that. We all went out to lunch and got Sushi then came back to the house. Where I realized I had forgotten a belt and my mom hated the way my shirt fit. So her and I went back out to the Mall and bought two new shirts and a new belt. The boys in the mid-west are so yummy!

Got back home and it was time to head out to see Angel so I drove over to Ankeny and picked her up. We went to chili’s and I SWORE the guy hosting was Adam, it was really creepy. But then once he turned and looked at us, it was clearly not him. But it was still really creepy.

From dinner we went back to my house and waited for everyone else to show up. It ended up being, Vero, Zach, Mandy, Angel, Ginny, Oksana, Nic and this random guy that Ginny brought who was pretty cute, but sadly straight. We all hung out there for a while and then headed downtown. Hung out at the Royal Mile and then hit up The Lift ! Yay for $5 martinis! 😀 Had a really great night. Sadly Jenks couldn’t make it. :'(

At the lift there was this REALLY hot boy in a purple shirt. They kept trying to get me to go talk to him. JJ said that I should go put a dollor down his pants and say, “This is for later when you are stripping for me” haha. As we were leaving Ginny went up to him and gave him my number. He never called. 🙁

Ginny was also wearing the most adorable jacket! I stole it for the night. Pictures will be posted as soon as I get them from her! 😀

OH, I also watched the two episodes of Penn & Teller: Bullshit. That show is GREAT. Everyone should go watch it. Specially the Boy Scout one (Here’s the torrent).. Steven Cozza, I love you!

Got home about midnight and just crashed hard core.

Sunday was easter. It was really good to see everyone there, the best part was my grandma’s face when she saw me get out of the car. 🙂

Left there about 1 and headed out to Chicago. The drive was fine till I got 40 miles from Chicago… When traffic STOPPED. It took 2.5 hours to go 40 miles! I was so stressed out and just started crying in the car. Ugh. I finially got to the hotel, which was very easy to find. It’s so adorable too. There’s wall paper with GIANT blueberries, and a purple wall and I’m on the 12th floor with a pretty good view of the city. There’s also all these cute Haiju’s on all the lit stuff in the room. It’s ADORABLE!

I weighed myself on my mom’s scale, I’m at the lowest I’ve been in like a year, but yet for some reason I feel the fattest I’ve been in a long time. I dunno why!

On the drive here I saw a sign that said “6-6-06 The signs are all around you” and the -‘s were all upside down crosses… it was REALLY wierd!

My scope for Sunday was this: “You are at the very front edge of an intellectual storm that may have your nerves standing up at attention. This is a highly interactive phase and you are mentally up for whatever challenge come your way. You can be clever, even brilliant over the next month, but it will be wasted if you don’t finish what you start.” Kinda creepy.

I had the most random dreams about my job interview on Sunday night. But I slept SO well in this amazing bed! Got up at 8:30 and walked up to the school to see where it was, and then came back to the hotel and got ready for my interview….. I was SOOOOO NERVOUS!

BUT! The interview itself went GREAT! I asked a ton of questions about the place, and what’s going ond all that. You could tell that he was VERY surprised about how old I was. But I think I impressed them anywyas. The interview itself lasted a full 2 hours and we did lunch as well… And oh, the boys at the school… Yum yum! 😀 I guess I’m one of 7 people interviewing for the job, and I’m the ONLY person they offered to fly out! So that must be good news at least.

While we were eating lunch though, I was sitting there and BOTH of my legs cramped up so badly. I wanted to jump up and scream, but I sat there and just smiled… I’m so good like that. haha.

One possible issue though is that the boss man had a picture of the Pope in his office? Random! Also.. There was a nun sitting next to me on the plane. Random again?!

There were TONS of hot boys on the plane too… Made me so horny. :'(

But now that the stress of the interview is gone, I’ve got even more stress of just living and working currently. With the talk of moving to Santa Monica, comes the fact that I’ll have to dress more business casual, instead of street bum, like I currently do. Also comes the stress of moving, friends, etc etc etc. So no matter what happens with the Chicago job, there’s still lots of stress in my life.

Being back in So Cal Is kinda nice though, because at least here it takes more then 2 idiots to cause atraffic problem, and drviing 80 is the norm, instead of this shit about driving the speed limit. But alas, we shall see what all happens.

Beat Disney FastPass

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I will be in town for ONE DAY and ONE DAY ONLY!

Saturday the 15th! I want to have a little get together, dinner/drinks/movies/hot tub at my house that night, and I want to go out during the day.

Call ME! And I will also be calling all of you to arrange this! KEEP IT CLEAR! I WANT TO SEE YOU ALL!

You don’t show, I come beat you down! It’s as simple as that!

HEY FAMILY! Do NOT NOT NOT tell Grandma.