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I will be in town for ONE DAY and ONE DAY ONLY!

Saturday the 15th! I want to have a little get together, dinner/drinks/movies/hot tub at my house that night, and I want to go out during the day.

Call ME! And I will also be calling all of you to arrange this! KEEP IT CLEAR! I WANT TO SEE YOU ALL!

You don’t show, I come beat you down! It’s as simple as that!

HEY FAMILY! Do NOT NOT NOT tell Grandma.

4 replies on “IOWANS!!”

Well technically I will be in town for 2 days, Saturday and Sunday. But Sunday I have to be with family. So alas, I will only be in town for one day that I’ll be able to hang out!

Which family on Sunday? Should I make it a priority to get my butt to G&G’s for Easter?

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