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Wet Undies!

Wow this has been another crazy weekend.

Ok, back to Friday… Got home from work and cleaned my apartment up. It’s nice looking now. Andrew showed up about 4 and we went suit shopping for me. I dropped $500 on a suit, it’s nice and I think I’ll be happy with the suit itself. But the sales guy was just a little too pushy for me, and plus, how often do I wear a suit. I guess now I shall have to FIND things to wear suits too.

The internet at my place has been HORRIBLY slow all fucking weekend. It’s driving me nuts!

After buying the suit we came back to my place and hung out, I made dinner and we ate and then watched this horrible cheerleader nation show.

Joel and Ryan showed up about 10ish and we headed down to the boom. Had an AMAZING time there… It was nice to have a group of people. I think we were probably the hottest boys in there! 😀 It ended up being Joel, Ryan, Andrew, Robert, Patrick, Perry and of course me! And I ran into Michael for a bit while we were there too. Andrew did the wet underwear contest and won second place. He totally should have won first place, but some ugly kid had a chearing gang that out cheered us. Oh well.

Just spent the night hanging out and drinking and having a really great time. My goal of drinking less is not happening very easily. Everyone keeps putting drinks in my hands.

Also, does everyone remember the first time I went to meet Joel at the Boom? With the hot guy that tried hitting on me/making out with me? Well he was there again last night… And! Andrew made out with him.. I’ll have to say that I am now _GLAD_ I did NOT make out with him. He’s 29, and basically just wanted a fuck in the bathroom. Thankfully Andrew got out of there before he got it…. Or at least that’s Andrew’s story. He was gone for a while. lol

My money was on Andrew making out with Perry, but sadly this other homo came up to us and started talking to Perry…

Left the bar at 1:45 when they were kicking everyone out and went down to the beach. It was a mess. Came back to my place and Joel and Ryan came in and hung out here till 3:15, 3:30ish? I dunno. Those two boys are adorable. 😛

Went to bed and I woke up at 6:30 and couldn’t really get back to sleep, but laid there till like 10 when I got up and made Andrew and I breakfast. After that we headed up to Huntington to look at that apartment. It was a nice place, small, but nice. I’m really thinking that I won’t take it though. I told him I’d let him know by the 20th though.

So much stuff going on in my life right now that I’m really stressing about.

Anyhow, got back from Huntington and Andrew left. I changed and took my car into TLE then went on a bike ride. They said it would take 2 hours, so I rode and then laid out in the sun and was gone for about 3 hours total. Came back and my car STILL wasn’t done. So I wondered around and it was done after 4 hours! Bastards. Then the guy running the register was SO SLOW! I wanted to punch him. He reminded me of this jerk I used to work with at K&G.

I meant to talk about this last month, but I was walking throught the greeting card section at Wal-Mart today and it reminded me. Anyways, last month I seemed to have 2 birthdays a week, and I tried and tried to go find cards that I thought were good, but they were all just so stupid. I dunno. I ended up only getting 1 person a card… Blah.

Saturday night I was just really tired so I cancelled my plans and I spent the night home alone. It was really nice to just relax there. Went to the hot tub and just chilled, cleared my head alot. Ended up going to bed at like 10 and didn’t wake up till my alarm went off at 9.

Sunday morning was the Gamping Brunch. Total bust. I was pretty pissed. Of the 4 people that did RSVP only 1 showed up. 2 other people I knew wanted to come, but weren’t able too and 9 people didn’t even RSVP at all, which was just annoying. The one person and I did however decide on the menu. So the other people get no input. Grr.

Went out to dinner with Joel and Ryan. Had a really good time. We went and got pizza, which I’ve been having way too much of lately. They’ve been having a meeting every monday for the last couple weeks at the office and I usually grab a peice from there after they are done… I need to get back on my hard core dieting! lol. We also went to Wal-Mart and Target. Left after that. Like I’ve said before, those boys!

The rest of the day I spent stressing over my life and what’s going on, went to bed at like 8.

I got a notice on my door the other day that says it’s now ILLEGAL to wash your cars in the parking lots, etc. You can only do it in approved business car washes… Umm, WTF?! So today they went around and put these little locks on all the outside water faucets.

I think today I’m going to try going up to hang out with that older guy again. Since I cancelled on him Saturday, I feel bad about that. Then Tuesday I’m going out to sushi with Michael. Sometime this week I’m also playing tennis with Jon. Then thursday/friday are going to be long days at work because both the HD guys are out, so I’m helping to cover that and Friday I fly out. This week is going to be so busy.

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