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I just did my Taxes.. I owe the Feds $100 and I owe the state $18.

I tried paying online by credit card, but they were going to add a 3% service fee. The state had no such option. WTF? Hello people! Get with it.

Also check out this cool Civic Hatchback…. When is this baby coming to the US?! Cause I want to test drive one.

EDIT:// Check out the official site

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See.. the Hatchback is cute.. but I’d really rather have 4 doors on my car, and I want a hybrid. I’m looking at the Civic Hybrid or the Accord Hybrid. If I could ever save up enough money to actually get a new car.

Weird… I didn’t listen to it cause I’m at work and I shouldn’t be watching that kinda stuff. “Work is for working!” But that’s definately something to think about. Did he say if it came in hybrid form?

how funny.. i was juts watching that video a while ago at work. it’s just an awesome car considering the price and practicality.

also i just did my taxes on saturday and wanted to pay by credit card too… i want my points damn it!

I know, why does it seem like all the cool cars are over in the EU? Like some of th neat features of that car aren’t even avaliable on the US versions of the Civic. Plus I did a “Build your own” on the website, and they had so many more options! It was just crazy.

I also don’t get why you can’t transport them over here. You’d think that the EU would have stricter saftery and emissions standards then here. Random if you ask me.

It is a sweet looking car. I’ll take one too. But I would also prefer it be a Hybrid. We are way…to dependant upon foreign oil.

Yeah, it’s nice. But still at 55mpg even a prius just barely gets better then that.

Speaking of, the next gen prius, due in ’08, is rumored to be getting 100+mpg in early testing. 🙂

Haha.. I saw that a few places today actually. I just read too much internet news in general! I’ll see the same story like 3 or 4 times a day.

And the CNN RSS feed is the WORST! For some reason EVERYTIME they update a story, it re-posts to the damn RSS feed. Even if they just change like the damn headline. Very annoying.

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