Tag: grandma

  • Jan 23, 2001

    B-day’s suck, they really really do suck, you know that. i really do hate b-days. for those that didn’t know yesterday was my b-day. asshole people. i hate b-days, my grandma remembered, my aunt’s and cousing remembered, well most of them. my parents, my dad remembered, he sent me a package, my mom, nope, she […]

  • Dec 3, 2000

    well it’s dec 3rd. it’s 11:00 am i’ve been up since 7 this morning but didn’t get out of bed tell 10 or so. there are like two people sleeping on the floor, so i was like well they’ll be getting up soon but they didn’t so i just got up and walked around them, […]

  • Nov 29, 2000

    Well it’s Nov 29, been more then a month since i last updated this page. ALOT has happened since then. this is going to be one mother fucker of an update. Well lets see, maybe i should read back to see what was happening a month ago, then i’ll start, hold on……………………….huh, well alot really […]