Jan 23, 2001

B-day’s suck, they really really do suck, you know that.

i really do hate b-days. for those that didn’t know yesterday was my b-day.

asshole people. i hate b-days, my grandma remembered, my aunt’s and cousing

remembered, well most of them. my parents, my dad remembered, he sent me a

package, my mom, nope, she forgot, my mom’s side of the family, nope they

all forgot to. assholes. i know i’m not any better, but yeah, i at least call

and say happy b-day and shit. no one called me, sent me anything, bastards,

i hate b-days, i just wish i had someone here to sit and lay my head on thier

chest and just cry. speaking o such a person, danny did remember, we talked

for a while last night. that was nice. well i’m still pissed about b-day’s

so i’m leaving now.

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