Jan 21, 2001

so yeah, i had a thing here earlier, but i forgot to

save it and the damn comp crached, so here goes again. Sundays really suck,

but this one just sucks more then normal. tomorrow’s my b-day, i really hate

b-days. but this one is just going to really suck cause i’m up here, all by

myself, yucky. i haven’t talked to danny since he called the other night,

i really want to talk to him again soon. he said that we needed to spend some

time apart? wtf? why, i didn’t get a chance to sak him, 🙁 i want to see him,

i want to talk to him. so yeah, i’ve also been thinking about my future, yet

again, i think to much. but yeah, i’m going to go look into teaching as a

career. it looks simple enough to get a lisence thing, lol. yeah. o well.

this one sucks. i’m going to go off now. bye.

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