Nov 29, 2000

Well it’s Nov 29, been more then a month since i last updated this

page. ALOT has happened since then. this is going to be one mother fucker

of an update. Well lets see, maybe i should read back to see what was happening

a month ago, then i’ll start, hold on……………………….huh, well

alot really has happened since then. well we’ll start with danny, a couple

days after i wrote that i was talking to him and then he suddenly left and

a name he had told was one of his freinds got on, well i didn’t think anything

about it, but this “friend” IMed me and picked up the convo where

danny and i had left off, so i was like, you bitch, you lied to me, only i

didn’t say that. well it turned out he did lie to me, which wasn’t anything

big, but it was his reasoning behind the liie, “cause i like to”

he said, “cause it’s fun” he said, so after that i cut it off, i

know i loved him, and i still do, but i just cut it off. after a day or so

i REALLY missed him bad. i was so depressed. well it’s been a month now since

the last time we talked, and he just IMed me out of the blue. and we started

talking catching up then out of no where he asked me ifi still had feelings

for him. and of course since i do i said that i liked him as a close friend

yet. well then he said that he couldn’t get me out of his mind. and that he still liked me. so we talked for a bit that night, then last night he called

me out of no where, while we were online and he played his normal cute game

of him not talking, and all i did was play music for him over the phone for

like two hours. and we had a really nice convo. and then tonight i talked

to him for like 20 minutes, and i asked if what his middle name was, and he said he didn’t have one. how could you not have a middle name? but o well,

it’s cute. well lets see what else, o well i had a BLAST at my cousins, she’s

really cool about the whole gay thing, she bought books and has been reading

up on it, and she bought me a really cool book to. then we went out shopping

and stuff and got my hair colored and i pierced my right ear, hehe, the RIGHT

one. and then lets see, o yeah t-day was not that long ago. o god, well here,

i’ll just copy and paste some stuff. OK well i got home Wed. night about 7:30

(an hour ahead of schedule, i guess i was speeding a bit kmore then i realized)

and i walked in the door and went str8 for the kitchen (like always, it’s

a habit) and my mom was in there cooking pies for t-day. well she simply said,

“I see your cousin was a good influence” and that was that. Then i went over

and said hi to my dad, and all he waid was “What’s up Blondy” and then i went

over and spent the rest of the night cooking with my mom (tell about 11) then

thurs morning, i meet my dad in the hall way on the way to the shower, and

he FINALLY saw my ear ring, and said “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT IN YOUR EAR.”

and i just walked away from him. and that was the end of that tell we went

to my aunts house (where t-day was this year, they moved it up here cause

of the funeral). Well i walked in the door and the first person i see is of

course my Grandma. and she says “CHRISTOPHER” and i could tell from the tone of her voice that she wasn’t happy, so i just kissed her and walked out the

door again. Then about ten minuts later i walked in again, and kissed her

again and said hi to everyone. and then my aunts and everyone (execpt grandma)

comented on how goo di looked and that they liked the hair, but the ear never

came up tell later. then i helped cook like i normally do, and then we had

a nice lunch. then after words everyone slpits up, the men go and watch the

football and the women all go and sit around the kitchen table and talk. well

i have ALWAYS joined the women, cause i don’t like football. so then my aunts

were talking about my ear, (one of them finally brought it up, my cousins

mom, shiela). and then my other aunt, asked which ear it was in. and i said

right (she was in a spot where she couldn’t see me and apperently hadn’t noticed,

janell). and then she said “well i thought left was right and right was wrong”

and i just kinda sat there and smiled. and then one of my asshole 2nd aunts

( a truck driver, pam) said, what were trying to say is are you a faggot.

and then instantly sheila perked up and said “only in this family would they

ask some so str8 out” then my grandma said “well i hope not” and then i sheila

changed the subject quite quickly, and it never came up again. and then i

talked to my cousin after wards, and she said it never came up again after

i left, but then today i got this e-mail from my aunt it really freaked me

out. but i think she’s put one and one together and she seems cool with it.

so other then that, alls going ok here, i still want the fucking hell out

of here, and all that shit, classes are tooo damn easy. i still don’t have

a job, but danny thinks i’m being more spontaneous. hehe, i think that’s good.

i’m still depressed, and really tired, but i’m not forgetting as much anymore.

well i think that’s all for now i’ve bitched enough. i’ll try to keep this

updated more, i guess.

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