Oct 26, 2000

well it’s oct 26 like 9 or so, i don’t know anymore what time

it is, I’ve been losing track of the dates and the time alot lately. i don’t

know what it is. well i dropped chem yesterday, that was a lot of fun, thank

god i’m out of that class. o but that means i have to take class where ever

i go next year, i hope danny and i keep up and end up somewhere close to each

other. i really love him, he’s so sweet. i forgot that halloween was coming

up wonder what i’ll do for it. hmmm. o well, i will probobly end up sitting

around on my lazy duff like any other day. hmmmm. damn people, they always

interupt me when i am trying to do my damn work. well i’ve been doing my schedules

for next semester and filling out college apps, yuck, god i want to get out

of here so fucking bad, i want out out i wan. ddamn it. this sucks so fucking

bad, everything is so damn easy. so damn easy, so far i am getting A’s in

evey class, except chem, but i dropped it. o well. well i hadn’t realized

it been so long since i last updated so i wll go back and recap a few things.

well i went to SF, after i talked to danny, i went to this club called jamz,

well i never made it in, i think i have social anxity, i drove around the

place for like a hour. but never actually made it in. i’m going to go see

my cousin on nov 9, we are going to go out then, i know it. i’m also thinking

of getting my ear pierced, probobly won’t but i’m thinking, i think too much.

that’s my problem, i need to be more spontaneous. well i had this feeling

that danny was ignoring me so i wrote him this big old long e-mail, i sent

it with out reading it again, not smart, he responded promptly the next morning,

i love him so much, i don’t know what had come over me when i worte that e-mail

it was really messed up, some how i went from talking about how i mised him

to the meaning of life and death, to religion, to him rating his sexual preference

on the kinsey scale.it was odd. i appoligized for it and send him a rose.

i really love him. well some one needs to get me some drugs, i’m so damn depressed

now, they say that by 2020 depression will be the number 2 killer. odd huh.

huh, when i started there was something else i wanted to babble about, but

i don’t remember it now, but that brings up another good point, my memory,

it’s been really bad lately, i can’t remember anything, i’m sleeping enough,

but it’s just that i can’t remember. i can’t remember crap. o well, i think

i have a really bad case of depreasion, my parents are starting to worry i

think. they called the other day. hey i don’t know if i babbled about this already or not, but i’m planning for next semester, american gov, econ, accounting,

bus aps, and some other thing but i forget it now. well i think that is enough

for now, cause i can’t remember what i was originally going to bitch about.

maybe i will remember by tomorrow.

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