Oct 18, 2000

ok welll today is wed oct 18. Damn it’s been a long day. had a horrid chem class.

i so hate that class. havne’t talked to danny yet…i’m really sad about that.

god i love him so much where is he? i hope i didn’t scare him off with or convo

on sat. bloody hell…..my heart feels like it’s ripping. o had chem lab today

that really sucked. i love chem but for some reason i just don’t understand

it. o yeah sitll haven’t found a job….o well i don’t think i will get one.

homework takes up to much of my time. i hate life. well for some reason these

just keep getting shorter and shorter. maybe i need some help…..should i go

talk to someone. i hate couselors…..i really do. but then i am trained in

“frist aid therapy” as it’s called….also trained in frist aid, life

gaurding, child saftey, CPR, what else i know i am missing something, o well

it will come back to me. my roomie is a dumb ass. he fucking smells, i can’t

beleive that he can’t smell it….god it SO reacks in here. i need some drugs….i

think i should go to SF this weekend for a bit. maybe see if i can find a good

club to go to. prob not. my parents never let me go out when i was younger…..i

really ahte them for that now. why does our society have social classes. why.

i never understood that. can’t people just like people? i feel that i get along

with about anyone….but people just don’t seem to understand. well enough of

this i’m tired.

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