Nov 30, 2000

well it’s Nov 30, so far i’ve kept my promise on keeping this

updated, so far. well today has been pretty hectic, and stuff. lets start

with this morning. well i’ve been putting together some stuff for world AIDS

day, tomorrow, and i hadn’t been able to find anybody with lots of brochures,

but this morning the red cross here in town called me and said they got some

in so that made my life easier. and then i went to math, o god i hate math.

our professor is sooooooo fucking stupid. we are supose to be on section 5.5

for the final, well we now have 6 class periods left and we are still on 3.5

we are never going to make it. and he keeps babbling about shit that we don’t

need to know, it royally pisses me off. and i haven’t done an assingment in

that class for like every, since 2.5 or so, so i have 10 assingments to catch

up on. and then i have three speeches to give on the same day Dec 13, that’s

going to suck, but thank god two of them should be pretty easy to get done

we are in groups so i can pawn most of the work off on the other group members,

but one of them hasn’t ever been to a meeting and it’s just me and him in

the group, so i think i will end up doing all the work there. o well. and

then i have to write a speech on the discrimination policies of the BSA. it

should be pretty easy but the professor is such a bitch there. i gave a DAMN

good speech last time and he gave me a “C” he said it need to be

more extemporaneous, DAMN IT, that bitch, i worked fucking hard on that and

everyone i’ve talked to said that i should have gotten an “A” on

it. fuck him, i hate teahers. and i have a BUT load of other shit to do. i

don’t know when i’ll get it all done. the roomie is having like a bunch of

people over this weekend, so i probobly won’t be able to concentrate here.

his gf is so fucking annoying at times she talks so fucking loud. but she’s

nice to talk to. o well. i’ll get it done some time. umm lets see what else

has been happening. well i talked to danny again today, i remember why i loved

him so much. i asked him why he started talking to me again after so long.

he said, “its i felt that you needed to not talk to me for a while”

i think it’s all kinda fishy yet, but i love him. and he knows it. everytime

he leaves i’m kinda depressed now. but when i talk to him i get kinda nervous

now, i start shaking really bad, like i’m cold but i’m not. i want to meet

him in person, or at least see a pic, can you believe that i haven’t even

seen a pic of him yet. o well i love him. well i missed talking to kim last

night. don’t know what was up, but i really needed to talk to her. maybe that’s

why i haven’t been updating this, i tell her all my problems, then i don’t

feel like i need to get it out, so i don’t bother with this. o well, i love

her she’s so nice. maybe i should stop bitching at her abot all my problems.

huh. i have this website due tomorow, i think i got it all working, this is

the last thing for it. you know i really hate that class, i could have taught

it. i don’t see why they wouldn’t let me CLEP out of it. the fuckers. it’s

such a waste of time, and damn M$ isn’t back wards compatible so i have to

go use a lab computer, i hate lab computers they never work right, either

the mouse is sticky or the keys are broken or somthing. but o well i get my

work done, i used to use staroffice for it all, but it can’t do some of the

stuff that the book makes us do on these PPT things. huh, there was something

i wanted to bitch about when i started but now i forgot. o well. that’s all

for now, maybe if i remember i’ll update again.

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