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Wasted Day

Ugh, so yesterday was a COMPLETE waste of a day. I had a meeting in Newport Beach, so I think GREAT! I can check out the Bike Shop that JP is always talking about. I check it out online, they are open on Wed’s! So I drive down there… Get in about 9:30 and I have an e-mail, meeting…. CANCELLED! Great… NOT! So I do some work and at lunch I drive down to the bike shop…. CLOSED! UGH! COMPLETLY wasted day! I didn’t get home till 8 last night, ate dinner and went to bed.

Woke up about 3:30 this morning from a horrible dream in which bears were terrorizing my family’s back yard. Random. They even someone dragged my Grandma into the pond. Thankfully we saved her, with minor wounds. So I go to check my cell phone (AKA, Alarm Clock & only clock in the house).. “Searching for Service…”. So I think GREAT! Another wonderful thing. I figure it’s just stupid so I take out the battery and put it back in.. “Searching…” I watch it for a while and nothing comes up, so I go searching the house for my watch, which I haven’t been wearing and had no idea where it was at. Finially find it and it says 3:30. I go back to bed, but of course now I can’t sleep because I’m affraid that my Phone has no idea what time it is and thus won’t go off in the morning.

So I lay there and lay there.. Finially it’s time to get up and my alarm clock DOES go off! Stupid phone, but it still refuses to tell me what time it is, just “Seaching….” UGH. I Shower and come back, get dressed and NOW it has service. Very annoying.

Drive into the office and get stuck behind some idiot who clearly has no idea how to drive… Speeding along 80mph, no one is infront of them, BRAKES! 60…. back up o 80… BRAKES.. 60. back and forth, and the traffic in the lane next to us was so heavy that I couldn’t get over!

I _REALLY_ want to go to Germany. I found tickets there in Nov for $550.. I found some in Jan for $626.. Anyone want to go!?!?!??! PLEASE! I’d be willing to make arrangements on costs. 😛

I also REALLY want to freaking buy a house somewhere. I’ve been looking online and reading up about what I need to do. I’m just too scared and I can’t decide WHERE to buy a house. Everywhere I think to look seems like a not good place to buy…. I just don’t know.

I spent a lot of time the other day updating my family’s website… I even sent out REALLY long letters to everyone explaining what I did and I created them all login’s etc. But no one has replied or updated it. 🙁

OMG, Terrorist in IOWA!… What’s going on over there you crazy Iowans?!

Well I have stuff to do, maybe. Adios.

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