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Private: Another one goes to London!

UGH! My company is sending ANOTHER person to London, that’s 4 people! Why am _I_ not there yet!? Ugh, this is just really pissing me off. This is what I was HIRED here to do, why am I NOT the one doing it. My friend Jason says it’s because I work early and and leave early, but I don’t think that’s the issue, the CEO and both VP’s are VERY thrilled with the work I do, they know that I do a great job, etc. So I just don’t get it.

On the same note though…. I haven’t really been in much of a mood to work this week (mainly because of this news I feel). So I’ve spent the days sitting at my computer reading about cheap airfare, buying a house for rental property and finding myself contracting jobs. I’ve got bids in on two jobs. Hopefully one of them will pull through. If the big one does it’ll mean about $1,000 a month in added income. Yay! 🙂 That’ll put me over the next big pay rate bracket! How exciting. I’m sure with my luck though it won’t come through.

I’ve been really lazy and sleepy lately. Classic signs of depression and all. I get home and just lay on the couch and really don’t feel like doing anything. I fall asleep early and don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Very annoying

I signed up on the other day. There’s a few good looking candidates on there, but I don’t want to pay the nearly $100 for a 6 month subscription. Though they say if you don’t find love in 6 months you get 6 free… So maybe it’s worth it? lol. I’m surprised that the other matching sight doesn’t do gay couples. Random that.

Gas prices are crashing down like crazy… I think it’s politics… Who knows for sure though. Thank god they are finially back down to something semi-normal. Hopefully they won’t shoot back up any time soon.

I’ve found flights to Berlin for $550/person. Jan 8th-15th. God I want to go!

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Maybe you need to make an appointment and sit down with the heads of your company and find out why you are not going to London.

And I have been feeling lazy too, I haven’t been running as often as I would like or doing any of my other exercises as well. So I kind of know what you mean.

I did just that last night. Basically they said there are too many projects coming down the line that they want me for to send me to London. Annoying reason I think!

Perhaps it’s the weather that’s making me lazy. lol

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