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White And Nerdy

50 ways a manager can get employees to quit. Soooo true, sadly I see some of these in my current job. Thankfully I don’t think I’ll be quiting anytime soon, but there are talks from others.

46 things I wish my mother told me about money. A GREAT read for anyone! I really need to take some of these to heart.

The clock now goes On/Off. But no clock function yet. 🙁 It’s pretty I think.

Who in the HELL drinks decaf coffee at 5:30am?!?! WTF is up with that people!

Have I mentioned that my car is now officially leaking oil? It’s been burning oil for a while now, but the other day I noticed some spots on the floor under my car. I figured at first it was just water from the A/C. But upon checking it was indeed oil. UGH!

Ok, so Friday I left work at noon and came home, bought all the groceries for the BBQ and then spent the afternoon cleaning the house up. My place looks GOOD! 🙂 Started cooking stuff about 6pm, and the BBQ went off without a HITCH!

I think everyone had a great time, at one point we had 10 people here, including the neighbor lady and her mom. That was entertaining. 🙂 Most of the night we had 6 people here. They stayed till about 2am chatting it up and having a great time! I actually had to kick them out! lol. Robert and Andrew both spent the night.

Saturday we got up and Andrew and I hung out here, made the left over burgers for lunch and thne went up to the Coffee Cartel, which is SO Cute! I’m going to have to start spending more time up there! I’d have to say that it’s better then Java Joes! We spent a few hours there and then Jason called and we went back to Abolne(sp?) Cove. Where we saw 3 Sea lions! It was SO cute! And tons of other stuff. Amazing place this is. Totaly going to the top of my second date list! 🙂

That took nearly 3 hours, so we came back here Andrew showered and then headed out. I laid down to take a nap so that I could go out with Jason later in the night… I didn’t wake up till 5am… Opps! I crawled in bed and slept till 8am.. So that’s like 6pm-8am of sleeping! I feel very refreshed this morning.

Mike is supposed to be coming over in a bit, but I haven’t heard anything from him. So who knows. I really need to go to the gym today.

So far that’s been my weekend. Very good times indeed.

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“re: Who in the HELL drinks decaf coffee at 5:30am?!?! WTF is up with that people!”

ME! ‘Cause I want to be able to actually sleep when I hit the sack at 6:00.

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