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Online Bullying

Omg… So I’m watching Dr Keith right now on FOX… They’re doing a thing on “Online Bulllying”.. Something about a myspace group called “The Plastics”. First of all, these people who say they are so HOT, etc are UGLY. The one is a big flaming fag, etc.

So these people are bitching about how this group apparently ruined thier lives… Excuse me!? These people didn’t have to TRY to join the group, these people didn’t have to keep going back for the abuse, these people could have used the BLOCK button! That’s what it’s there for. Get over it people.

These kids are assholes, yes… But having a whole TV show about it, having these people get so freaky over it…

I do have to agree with the fag boy on one point… “It’s just a myspace group, why are you getting so emotional”?! Exactly! WHY are they doing this?!

In other news. I went out today to get my hair cut. People are idiots! IDIOTS I tell you. I go into one store and there are 4 people sitting there waiting, only ONE person cutting hair, and I’m told. “Someone will be right with you”. You can clearly hear 4 people in the back room laughing, etc. I really wanted to go back there and yell at them. Ugh, that is NOT NOT NOT how you run a customer service business.

And they were filming The OC in Hermosa Beach last night… Ummm, did I move back to the OC and no one tell me? lol. Jason was pissed cause there was no parking because of it. Bastards.


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