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UGH! Why are people so RUDE.

So Friday, I didn’t really do anything. Wasn’t in the mood to. I worked on my mythbox. I moved it over from the 700mhz machine to a 2.2Ghz with SATA drive. So it’s much faster now. Very nice. It was a PAIN in the ass to get working. First I downloaded and tried Gentoo, but it kept crashing on the build. So I went with Fedora Core 5. I JUST got it all working a few hours ago. Lots of stress and stuff.

Anyways, Saturday I was supposed to help Mike move. He said he would call me at 10 to tell me when he’d be here… So i got up at like 8:30 and wondered around the house, ate breakfast, etc. 10 rolls around, nothing… 11 comes and I txt him.. “Where are you”… he’s JUST THEN getting the damn truck. He told me on FRIDAY that he was getting it at 7am! UGH! Said he’d be here at 2.

So I go and do laundry. Come back at 2. Nothing, wait till 3, still nothing. I txt him. “Where are you?”… “Just leaving Irvine”… So I tell him I’m going shopping because I’m not going to waste my whole day waiting for him and I wold come over once I’m done. Go shopping for an hour which is what it should have taken to get from Irvine to Redondo. Come back and he’s STILL not here yet… Finially at 5ish he txts me. “be there in 20”.. I wait ANOTHER hour, and sitll nothing.. “You here yet?”.. sends one back saying that he is here… THEN WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL ME. So he calls me and I flip out on him. I wasted my whole day trying to be NICE to him to help him fucking move, and he doesn’t even have the comon courtesy to call me and keep me up to date as to what’s happening. If you’re going to be 15 minutes late when someone is taking time out of thier day to help you MOVE then you should be on the damn phone letting them know and appolgizing.

I HAD wanted to go horseback riding with Austin, but cancelled that to help this guy. UGH! So annoying.

I also got in a fight with Andrew this weekend cause he’s going to the Getty Villa with ChrisA… He and I have been talking about going there forever… and now he’s suddenly got tickets and can go and doesn’t even bother to let me know. UGH! He was like, “well you can come along”… Yeah and be the third wheel, thatsounds fun.. then he said I could just get tickets for Monday… Again, sounds like TONS OF FUN! go by myself. thanks! UGH!

So thennnnnn. I wanted to go out, Jason and Austin had both earlier asked what I was doing that night, both had made indications (although no real plans) that we could do something that night.. So I message them both… OUT somewhere else. UGH! So I ended up sitting on my fucking couch like a loser again.

Soooo then….. Saturday I had talked to Jason about going bike shopping on Sunday, and getting together to talk about Germany… He said. “Sure, I have a flight @ 2 if weather is good”. So _ME_ that indicates that we have plans and that WE ARE going to go bike shopping. I told him I had a meeting at 10 and would be avaliable after. So I get home and message him, he says, “What’s today?”… UGH! UGH !HGHHGHGHHGHGHTUFHDGHGUHF! So then he’s like, “I’ll let yo know” blah blah blah.. 2 hours later, “are we not doing this today or what?”.. “help up… 2 more hours”… then I get a txt message… “saw leo dicaprio”… WHAT! WHAT!?!?? What the fuck are you doing! We made PLANS to go bike shopping, clearly.

UGH! fucking people. they are all really pissing me off right now. UGH!

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I think maybe you should not make anymore plans with these people. Let them call you for a change.

I know the feeling of what you are going through. I know you want to do things with these guys, but have patience and see if they will call you to do something. If they do not, then they are not worth it.

And Mike, I would have chewed him out too, you waisted your whole day waiting for him.

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