Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a pretty good one. This year I haven’t really been feeling my birthday too much, but in the end I had a good one.

Constantine and I met up at the gym after work and we worked out, went home, showered and then went to HT Grill for dinner. Delicious! I had a Maple Apple Pork loin and he had Gorgonzola Flat Iron steak! My mouth is watering just thinking about them!

Went home after that and he gave me my gifts, I got a new battery for my laptop which was BADLY needed. Some cupcake mix from Sprinkles and some Olive oil and Vinegar! I can’t wait to try those out on the next italian food night!!

He’s such a great guy! 🙂 He even txted me “Happy Birthday” at exactly the right time! (6:41am!)

I was a little disappointed that one of my grandma’s didn’t even call me, but I guess she’s always very forgetful.

At dinner we had a discussion about work though. I have been working on this project for months and months now with our lead developer and one of the VPs here. Well the VP has been acting as the project lead, however now he is being pulled off onto other projects and no longer has the time. Well they picked a new project lead and I absolutely HATE this guy. He’s a total DOUCHE bag! I mean seriously, WTF! Why was _I_ not chosen for it. I have YEARS AND YEARS more experience then he does. Besides, he’s supposedly PACKED with other projects, I have a lot of projects, but could have EASILY fit this one in. It’s all very annoying because I see things like this happening and I keep getting passed up. At my last review, I was told that they were considering me for a full time Client On-Site trainer, well it appears they have picked someone else to do that now. I just wish they would FULLY follow through on ONE thing they promise me. Cisco training, was never completed, who knows of my current training will ever be completed, ugh.

My Aunt is coming to town on Thursday, I’m really looking forward to showing her around RB! Gotta find stuff to show/do!

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