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Heath Ledger is DEAD!

I cannot believe what I am reading!


Why’d he have to do this on my birthday!

I really wanna know what the cause was, suicide, accident? WHAT! What could have caused him to do this!

And WHY! Why on earth can’t it be one of those annoying bitches like Britney or Paris! Why him! He was gooooooood!

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Madonna and I share a birthday (different year) and Elvis died that day (although years before I was born.) Every August 16th, all I ever hear is Elvis and Madonna.

You should be ashamed to say such a thing. He didn’t choose to die on your birthday just to put you out. You should think about things like that and how people will react before you say them. How would you feel if you were a family member and happened to pass by this site and see such thoughts.

Would you like it if someone used that context for someone you loved? You should really be ashamed.

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