My Life

Heath Ledger is DEAD!

I cannot believe what I am reading!


Why’d he have to do this on my birthday!

I really wanna know what the cause was, suicide, accident? WHAT! What could have caused him to do this!

And WHY! Why on earth can’t it be one of those annoying bitches like Britney or Paris! Why him! He was gooooooood!

My Life

Some Random Links

So I saw Sicko the other day, as I mentioned. Then today I found this great interview with Michael Moore on CNN. I love how he just goes off on this rant. Very hilarious.

Also check out this very interesting Google Earth pics.

Everyone knows I’m always looking for new ways to work out. Well the other day I stumbled upon this exercise page. You click on a muscle group and it tells you what exercises you do.

I love the TV show Kyle XY. But you have to give a huge props to the music director. They always have amazing music that’s just perfect for the scene that’s going on during the show. I found a site that lists all the music from the first season. Hopefully they will soon have one for the second season!

ALC posted a new video to honor the roadies. Go and check it out here.

Want to buy me something? Get me the This is why I’m hot t-shirt! I love it!

I found this cool app a while back that’s call the Google Image Ripper. I was able to find these sweet photos from it:

Grocery Store

Cool Desktop

Hot Super Heroes (Semi-NSFW)

Mmmm Football (NSFW)

Nude Heath Ledger (NSFW – Yes, I know these are OLD!)

LA’s Fault Lines… Ok, I believe we’re going to fall into the ocean after seeing this!

I love crazy modern art things… Check out this cool Gravity Bookshelf

Ok, enough randomness. Adios!

My Life

Heath Ledger Look alike!

OMG! So I had lunch today at The Counter today, and one of the waiters was a total Heath Ledger look alike! OMG Sooo fucking hot! So I asked one of the waitresses is he was gay.. she said, “No, but his twin brother is”. hahaha. OMG. I’ll brokeback him!

Also did a 37 mile ride today. 51 when we started. I was freezing to death, but at the same time sweating to death! It was horrible! Thank god I got leg warmers for christmas! 🙂 I started out 15 minutes behind th rest of the group, because I got a flat. And ended up at the rest stop 20 minutes before the next person! This group was really slow, but very nice. They kept teasing me that I was “14 year-old, 0% body-fat man!” hahah.

Tonight going to pick up Andrew at the airport and then heading to WeHo with Chiba, Hector (hopefuly), Jess and perhaps Johnny! Yay for groups. I love group activities!

No plans as of yet for New years. 🙁 I assume Chiba and I will be hangng out, but not sure.