Heath Ledger Look alike!

OMG! So I had lunch today at The Counter today, and one of the waiters was a total Heath Ledger look alike! OMG Sooo fucking hot! So I asked one of the waitresses is he was gay.. she said, “No, but his twin brother is”. hahaha. OMG. I’ll brokeback him!

Also did a 37 mile ride today. 51 when we started. I was freezing to death, but at the same time sweating to death! It was horrible! Thank god I got leg warmers for christmas! 🙂 I started out 15 minutes behind th rest of the group, because I got a flat. And ended up at the rest stop 20 minutes before the next person! This group was really slow, but very nice. They kept teasing me that I was “14 year-old, 0% body-fat man!” hahah.

Tonight going to pick up Andrew at the airport and then heading to WeHo with Chiba, Hector (hopefuly), Jess and perhaps Johnny! Yay for groups. I love group activities!

No plans as of yet for New years. 🙁 I assume Chiba and I will be hangng out, but not sure.


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