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No Birthday Presents for me…

Hmm. It’s been a long weekend. Thursday I worked from home and picked up my Aunt from the airport. It was raining so there wasn’t much to really do around here which was sad. I showed her around the area. Constantine came over and we all went out to dinner and watched a movie here at my place.

Friday night got off to a rocky start. I was a little annoyed that Const spent 4 hours at a work thing, and then still had to go home to his dad’s birthday. We were supposed to have been celebrating my birthday that night with all of my friends. But instead he spent 4 hours at this work party. blah blah blah. Either way, we ended up going out to The Factory and having a really good time. I was also pretty annoyed that Jason got Constantine a preset for his brithday, but not for mine. Umm. Jason has known Const for 6 months. He’s known me for a year and 6 months. WTF!?! Jason’s such a fucking asshole. Why do we even bother hanging out with him!

Saturday we got up and went out to the mountians to play in the snow, but traffic was so bad that we ended up just going to Constantine’s friends house. The guy was nice, we went hiking and had coffee. I’m starting to get very annoyed with him about the fact that he never lets me to his house. I mean, why can’t I at least just GO IN once! REALLY!?

We came home that night and had dinner with Jason and then went to ice cream and watched Devil Wears Prada. Came home and went to bed. Got up Sunday and we did laundry. Const left about 4 and I just laid around the house.

Today I took my car in for repair. The estimate went from $700 to $2,600!!! Can you fucking believe that! WTF! It was a fucking CONE! A FUCKING CONE! Oh my god.



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