Andrew’s Mistakes

I sent this message on Facebook, but thought I would post it here as well so people would know…..

Hi all,

I write with some potentially disheartening news. As some of you may or may not know, ever since I have been at Austin going to grad school, I have not been exactly thrilled with school and with living here.

This is really hard to write, but basically I’m leaving my program. I’m sending a big message because I can’t really handle explaining it to everyone individually. I’m at a point where I cry at any given moment.

I realized last semester and now this semester that this is not what I want to do with my life. I definitely like Art History, but you have to more than like it in order to get an advanced degree in it. I find myself dreading going to classes, I have a very difficult time understanding the assignments, and in general, I just feel like I don’t care enough to push through it. I just don’t think Art History is my thing, which means I should not waste anymore time/money/energy/stress working towards an advanced degree in it.

Ever since moving to Austin, I have been more unhappy than I have been in years. I cry all the time, and I am away from the people I love the most.

Therefore, within the next week or so, I am moving back to California. Hopefully that will excite some of you Californian folk. I will be staying with Steve’s family this semester. They have graciously offered to take me in and let me stay there. So that is where I will be. I hope that everyone in California can help keep me busy for awhile so that I can try to take my mind off this.

I really just need this time off to figure out what is going on in my life, and what path I want it to take. I hope that no one is disappointed in me. I really feel like I gave it my all, and bottom line, I’m not willing to sacrifice my happiness for a degree I don’t even really want.

Any responses and comments are welcome.


Andrew posted that on myspace. I think it’s really funny to watch him make all the same mistakes over and over again. He’s already been through this once. And it’s so funny to see him do this shit. I mean you just wasted 4 years in college getting an art history degree. Now what are you going to fucking do! Idiot!

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