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  • Public Transport

    Ok, I’m back, it’s a few hours later. I guess I’ll go ahead and start off at what we did this morning. Obviously we did the normal breakfast thing, and then went off to our first stop, which were some really cool ruins, I mean, like these were just amazing to see these old old […]

  • Here in Houston

    Well here we are in Houston. This morning has been really long already and I have a feeling that the rest of the day is going to be very long too. Last night I was up tell 11 or so packing, and then finally got to bed. I spent the night tossing and turning and […]

  • It’s MY Shit!

    Ok, this has to be one of the best BOFH’s in a while. For those that don’t normally read it, or don’t keep up with the SCO stuff, I’m pretty sure that’s where the reference is going to…. BOFH: Protecting bodily waste in the public domain By Simon Travaglia Posted: 09/03/2004 at 13:04 GMT The […]

  • Last Update

    Well this will probably be my last update tell I get back from Jersey/LA. The last couple days have been very emotional and also very aggravating. Andrew’s thought about not going to college, we’ve talked about where our relationship is going, etc, etc. Last night I spent the night trying to watch the Lucy show, […]

  • The Songs…

    Dear Tohpher, These are all the lyrics to the songs That are on this CD. I chose all the songs Because of their lyrics And Also what they mean to me. (Well, except for “We Went To The Moon” and “Head, Booty, Cock”–Those just remindme of you) Each song expresses feelings That I have for […]