Here in Houston

Well here we are in Houston. This morning has been really long already and I have a feeling that the rest of the day is going to be very long too.

Last night I was up tell 11 or so packing, and then finally got to bed. I spent the night tossing and turning and just thinking about the trip down here and stuff. Got up about 4am this morning and got ready then drove to the airport.

Once we got here is when things started to get annoying. I was there at 5am, and we found out that the ticket counter didn’t even fucking open tell 6am. We all sat around doing nothing for the hour, then finally got to check in.

The security line was really long, but there was a group of about 4 really hot boys in front of us. I have a feeling two of them were gay, either that or VERY metrosexual. I can’t wait tell that goes out of style again. Then we’ll be able to tell family better. Anyways, once we got to the gates those 4 went and got drinks, ie, good drinks. They were flying United though, so that was sad.

We all sat around there sitting and waiting to board. That was boring! Ha!

Finally got on the flight and the ride was pretty good. Like I said I had 2A so I was right there, and there weren’t any seats next to me, cause the galley was there. It was a major plus. Everyone else was at the back of the plane.

I spent the whole ride listening to RENT! Which I’m in love with and really want to see it again. I’m sad that I’ll be gone during the time it’s in DSM.

Umm, there are a LOT of hot boys here in the airport because of spring break!

On the ride here I also thought a lot about Andrew’s proposition that I move there in June. I don’t think it’s been any discussion about it on either of our websites, so here it is. He wants me to move there in June and live with him in the dorms. Now the plusses to this would be that I’m in the area earlier and thus can spend more time looking for jobs and getting a good apartment, instead of having to do it all long distance. Also I’d get free room for the summer, well I’d still have to pay for my apartment in Ames.

The downside is that it’s very risky. Mostly because I know that if I stay in Ames for the summer, I’ll have a job and a chance to build up some cash. However, if I go there, there’s no guarantee that I’d be able to make any money, or even get a part time job very quickly.

Well the point is that on the flight down here I think the positives our weigh the negatives, and it’s worth the risk. We’ll have to see. I’m really wanting to do it now, but I have to think more about the feasibility and stuff.

I was thinking about the moving to and if I did that, I can pack all the stuff up that I don’t need before leaving, and then use my apartment as a storage place and then have it all professionally moved when it comes time. Which by the way I got an estimate of about $1,100 the other day. Which is FAR less then going with budget.

Well anyways I have to pee and I’m hungry, so…

Laters all

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