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Jobs Abroad!

Well all the jobs in the US are being sent over seas. So why not follow them there? I went to the linked site and applied to like 10 jobs just for the hell of it. I think it’ll be amusing. Though the chances of getting a visa to go work there are very slim from reading the comments on the article.

The last couple days have had thier ups and downs. Mostly downs. Though today I’m feeling much better. Very stressful days and the like and Andrew and I had a bit of a thing last night. I wouldn’t really call it a fight, more of an upsettedness. We’re both just scared about what will happen when he travels abroad. And also I think he’s scared because he’s never been in a relationship this long. I think there might be more to it though, like maybe a crush or something, but I’m not to worried about anything like that. I know that we’ll get through this, and hopefully I’ll find a job where they want me there in June. That’ll be the best possible thing to happen!

So last night in class we found out that our flight leaves at 7:30 am instead of 11:30 am. How sucky is that! Though we did get the itinerary here it is:

Sun: City Tour, Market Day
Mon: Celestun Wildlife Refuge, Dat at the beach
Tues: Mayan Ruins
Wed: Village visits with Central students
Thurs: Chichen Itza Ruins
Fri: Anthropology and history museum
Sat: Progreso, beach
Sun: Return to Ames

I’m supper excited to go now. I can’t fucking WAIT!

Laters all.

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