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First Night

Well here we are in Merida. We’ve been here for about 4 hours now. Security at the airport wasn’t all that bad, though my bag did get searched. It was kinda funny cause you walked up and pushed this button, and it was like a stop light. If you got a red you had to be search, green was good to go. lol Very cute.

The flight in wasn’t too bad. Though I kept breaking out in tears. I really hate not being able to talk to Andrew for a whole week. I don’t know HOW we are going to handle a whole semester when he goes. Perhaps he’ll call me and be like, I think you should come, and I’ll be like,, I don’t think so, then I’ll be like, well I thought about it, and I’m coming now. lol. That seems to be how it always works out. Though I did come out to one of the girls today. We were walking down the thing to the airplane together and she was standing there when I told Andrew bye, and she was like, “You going to miss your girlfriend” and I was like, “Well not exactly girlfriend” and then she was like, “ohhhh.” it was really funny. Apparently she too is doing the whole long distance thing.

I’m really excited about being here and I still can’t believe that I am here. Driving back from the airport was hell, the drivers here are absolutely crazy. Like the all drive ON the lines, instead of in-between them. And people are all honking their horns and shit. it’s craziness. The city looked really pretty dirty from the road, and from the huge amount of walking around we did tonight it seems as though it might be. But still really pretty.

There is a bit of an odd smell to the area though, I think it’s just from the humidity, but who knows really. Anyways, after we got here we got our room numbers and stuff. My room is nice, though the AC isn’t the best. Like everyone else has really nice new ACs, but we have this shitty little thing.

After that we went to this pizza place across the street and it was REALLY good pizza. Yummy! lol. There were also some people playing music and lots of little kids wondering around selling things like roses and stuff. It was pretty crazy.

From Dinner we came back to the hotel and were told the daily plans. I’m a bit annoyed by them because they want us at breakfast EVERY MORNING at 7:30, but we don’t start our tours tell 8:45. It’s just really annoying that we have to be there that early. I mean, we want to go out at night and see stuff too. LIke tonight, most of us have been up since 4am, or earlier and still went out. And here they are wanting us up at 7:30. We got a wake up call for 6:45.

Once we got the instructions and took pictures, we all headed out to walk around. I found this place that’s selling REALLY super cute chess sets and I want them, they’re $470. So I think I might buy one, but the girl said that you might be able to get one at market much cheaper. So that’s good. I’ll have to look tomorrow. Cause that’s market day!!

From there we headed out to a bar/club thing and found this really good place. Almost everyone got something. I didn’t though. But I talked to some girls and came out to them as well. It was very funny. I was like, “I usually go to the Redlight” and one of them was like, “That sounds like a gay club” and I was like, “It is.” lol

We didn’t stay to long there, and then came home. Well three of us did. The rest all stayed there. Who knows what time they’ll be back.

But for me, it’s bed time.

Laters all. And I miss talking to my Drew Bear already. 🙁

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