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Morning Time

So here we are, the first full day of being in Merida. The hotel is so pretty this morning. It’s amazing, I wish my drew bear were here to see it too. Speaking of though, I forgot to mention last night about a few things, first while we were at the pizza place. there was this cute gay couple sitting at the table just down from us. It was very cute.

Also we were walking through this street dance thing, and some random guy came up and started asking one of the girls to dance, she didn’t want to, but one of the other girls did. It was very funny. Then after wards the guy pulls out this piece of paper and hands it to her. It’s got his address on it! How random is that?

Anyways, that was about all that really happened last night. Though some of the mexican boys are a kinda cute.

This mornings been good so far, I’ve taken a few pics of the hotel and stuff and I think that we’re about ready to get going. We do have a while before we actually have to go anywhere, but I think I’m going to go wonder around the hotel.

Breakfast was not very good really though, they started us off with fruit, which I didn’t like any of it. Then we had Mexican eggs. Which had goat cheese in it, and I didn’t really enjoy the flavor to much. But it was still a neat experience. I think tomorrow, I’m going to go with just regular eggs and ham.

The neat thing is though that EVERYTHING is so cheap. LIke Omar last night got this cute as hell ring for only $10. IE $1US. I’ll have to search these things out and get myself one sometime.

Well, I think that’s about all that I have to write about, so I’ll be going now.

Laters all.

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