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  • Andrew’s Paper About Himself

    j@j@ SqUaLL0112@aol.com To: chris@cjbonline.org Subject: (no subject) Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2003 21:20:00 EDT AndrewMcGeehan February10, 2003 Mrs.Shields APLit and Comp. MyPersonality Writingan entire paper about oneself at first seems to be such a simple task. Afterall, who knows myself better than me? However, as the beginnings of this paperbegan to take shape, I see […]

  • Links

    So today has some amusing links… Baked Apple: A) Slashdot Story (Including Amusing Comments) B) Pictures Hiccups: A) New Scientist story about why we hiccup. Simpsons: A) Slashdot story about the 300 Simpsons episodes, and amusing comments, quotes, etc. B) The Simpsons Archive C) The 25 Best and 1 worst episode. And I HATE asshole […]

  • So yeah… Today’s been really great. Last night we went to Dustin’s party… It was good to see everyone again… There were also alot of people that I didn’t know, which was odd, but whatever. There were drinkables there, which I really didn’t like, so well we left early. Since the cops kept driving by. […]

  • So Much

    Man there’s so much that I wanted to post about today, but I can’t really remember it all. We’ll try… First, I got into all the classes that I wanted for next semester, now it’s just a matter of fixing some times and shit. MWF 8:00 Am sucks ass. But I got rid of a […]

  • Aug 26, 2001 #2

    Aug 26, #2 [Steve Miller, "Wild Mountian Honey"] I’m so depressed right now, and I so don’t want to be here at all. I talked to Adam today which was good, but he had some great stories to tell. I wish I could have heard them from him rather then read them from him. But […]